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Destroy The Drug Using Machine

Build Barriers to Using Drugs.

You have built an elaborate machine to make it possible to get drugs on impulse. The connection is right there in your phone. Your hands and feet know their way around getting out of the house and into the car to meet the dealer. It is all too easy to get from an emotion to a thought to a drug in your hand. Once it is in your hand, it is too late.

The machine you built.

This drug-getting machine is more intricate and efficient than anyone can possibly imagine. You have been working on it and programming it for years. It has failsafes to fall back on to make sure you don’t fail. Your drug seeking machine is a feat of engineering. It is time to start breaking it down, piece by piece. And, at the same time, you must build new barriers to get in your way in times of weakness. Nothing can be left to chance. Your efforts must approach perfection over time if they are to work. If you are in a drug treatment program, when you graduate, it is time to clean up your life and your surroundings in preparation.

First, delete the phone numbers. Delete them everywhere.

Then, delete the phone numbers of the people who can give you the phone numbers again. In times of strength, you must take all measures and be complete and thorough. Flush the rest of the drugs quickly. Get someone trusted to help you do this. Shred and dispose of prescriptions you know you shouldn’t have. That prescription from the dentist, shred it quickly. Don’t go back to that dentist. The good ones don’t prescribe narcotics for pain.

Now, for building the barriers.

This is where you have to get creative and address your particular situation. Do you have a support system of clean friends to rely on? It can help to get in the habit of calling these safe friends regularly. Especially when those thoughts or cravings pop up in your head. Make it a habit to call a friend who is clean and recovering from drug use.

When that time comes that you need help, your reflex will be to call a member of your support team. The power of support from people you can trust cannot be underestimated. It can save your life. This is a powerful barrier between you and the drugs that will ruin your life.

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