An Oxycodone Recovery Podcast for Those Who Need Help

Oxycodone addiction is insidious. Usually, a pain pill addiction begins with a legitimate medical need and a valid prescription from a medical doctor. Unfortunately, the euphoria that the user feels when the drug takes effect often induces a powerful desire for more of that euphoric effect, even when the user had no intention of abusing the drug and after the original need for the medication no longer applies. 

The Physician’s Role in Obtaining Oxycodone

Sometimes, a doctor will continue to write Oxycodone prescriptions beyond the point that they’re needed for pain. Sometimes, people buy the pills from someone else – either a drug dealer or someone who has a prescription themselves but sells the pills rather than uses them. And when those two avenues for acquiring Oxycodone fail, or when the habit becomes too financially costly, people who have become addicted to narcotic pain medicine may switch to less expensive and easier to obtain methods of finding that euphoria – usually, that means heroin

Family members who suspect a loved one has developed a pill problem may think that if a doctor is prescribing it, then it must be okay. This isn’t always true. Doctors don’t always see the signs that family members see. Some doctors operate “pill mills,” which is a medical practice where unethical doctors prescribe large volumes of pain medicine to patients who don’t necessarily need them. And some patients use more than one doctor, which is called “doctor shopping,” to get enough pills to satisfy their addiction. There are ample ways for an addict to find their drug of choice or, as is the case with heroin, a substitute.

But It’s a Prescription – I Need This Medicine

Pain pill addicts will often justify and minimize their disease by thinking that it’s okay if it’s prescribed by a doctor. Not only will they assert that to those who question them, but also in their own minds. Addiction is powerful, and our Oxycodone recovery stories tell just how all-consuming it can become. When an addict is ready to get clean, having an arsenal of resources can mean the difference between success and failure in getting clean, staying clean, and in the event of a relapse, resuming sobriety as soon as possible.  

Our Oxycodone addiction podcasts offer real stories from real people who have fought the same battle and have ultimately won out over pain pill addiction. In addition to survivor stories, our recovery and addiction professionals offer discussions about the science and psychology of addiction and the pull of Oxycodone in particular. 

There is Hope, and There are Solutions

Get plugged in to as many legitimate resources as you can for the best chance of success in beating Oxycodone addiction. Recovery is not a path we advise taking alone. Follow our Oxycodone recovery podcasts to equip yourself with resources to get clean and to encourage your loved one in the fight for their life.