What is your favorite medication-assisted treatment podcast?

Of course I am biased towards my own podcast, The Rehab! On my podcast, I enjoy having guests on who speak about a wide variety of topics related to addiction recovery. There are some excellent episodes that focus specifically on the topic of MAT. I believe that a good Medication Assisted Treatment Podcast should include thorough and fair treatment of all aspects of MAT.

Is MAT all about Suboxone?

MAT, or medication-assisted treatment is certainly not only about Suboxone. There are three medications used in MAT. They are methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. Buprenorphine is the main ingredient in Suboxone. Buprenorphine is quickly becoming the gold standard of MAT because it is so effective and can be prescribed and dispensed more easily than methadone. Methadone is still known officially as the gold standard of MAT. It has been around for many decades and has the highest success rate of all MAT drugs. Naltrexone is also highly effective and should be thought of more often as a safe and effective option for treating both alcoholism and opioid addiction.

What are the main differences between the three MAT drugs?

As you may have heard discussed on a recent medication assisted treatment podcast episode, such as the interview with Adam Bisaga, M.D., on The Rehab Podcast, the significant difference between the three MAT drugs involve how soon they can be started. After a patient stops taking opioids, they have a choice of methadone, buprenorphine, or naltrexone. Methadone can be started right away without waiting. The patient does not have to worry about getting withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine can be started after a matter of hours. The patient will have to suffer through mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms before starting buprenorphine. Naltrexone takes the longest waiting period to start. The patient must wait 1-2 weeks to start naltrexone. If it is started too soon, it can cause precipitated withdrawal symptoms.

Why listen to a medication assisted treatment podcast since you have just explained the important points?

There are many ongoing issues in the news and changes in the addiction rehab community relating to medication-assisted treatment that may affect you in the future. Organizations and experts who were once against long-term MAT are now changing their thinking on the topic. As the opioid crisis claims more lives and Chinese fentanyl floods the streets, we need more discussion about how to protect people from the deadly condition of opioid addiction. Also, a medication-assisted treatment podcast can help to inform you about new treatments coming out and other news. For example, there is now a new monthly injectable buprenorphine and another weekly and monthly injectable coming out soon. Learn about the buprenorphine implant, the naltrexone injection and also low dose naltrexone (LDN) compounds. The field of MAT is rich and full and news and information that can fill many podcast episodes. Please subscribe and listen. Also, reach out to podcast hosts and ask questions. You can recommend ideas for upcoming episodes. That is a great thing about podcasts. They are discussions for and with the community. A podcast is more than just a new way to deliver a radio show. It is a platform for discussion and education where you can get involved.