Where can I find a buprenorphine podcast online?

You may have a lot of questions about the drug, buprenorphine. It is the active ingredient in addiction treatment products, such as Suboxone, Subutex, ZubSolv, and Sublocade. If it works so well to treat opiate and opioid addiction, why is it not being used more? If you want to learn more about the latest updates and information about buprenorphine facts and controversy, I suggest keeping updated with a buprenorphine podcast.

How can I trust the information in a podcast?

While it is true that almost anyone can host a podcast, fortunately, there are some very reputable organizations producing podcasts on important topics, such as buprenorphine and how to best end the opioid epidemic in the US. There are news organizations like NPR and institutions that educate doctors, like PCSSNow. Additionally, a variety of medical societies and publications are now starting podcasts of their own.

Are there other podcasts on the topic of addiction treatment that cover more than just medicine and science?

You may be aware that addiction treatment is a large field that involves more than just treatment drugs like methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. There are many spiritual paths that can help to provide support and guidance. Psychotherapy is also an important component of treatment and must not be ignored. A podcast that covers topics ranging from the spiritual to the scientific aspects of addiction recovery would be ideal.

Should I pick just one podcast to listen to?

This is an excellent question. Some listeners prefer to subscribe to many podcasts so they can pick and choose from a variety of episodes on different topics. Others like to focus on just one podcast. This way, they can get caught up on past episodes as well as keeping up with newly released episodes. I think that it is good to find one podcast that you really like and focus on going through the episodes that interest you most. Then, you can add new podcasts one at a time as your interests expand.

I want to learn more about buprenorphine treatment as it relates to patients, doctors and family members. What kind of podcast will be best to meet my needs?

Ideally, a buprenorphine podcast should cover the subject from all points of view. Focusing on just issues for doctors or only issues that affect patients or loved-ones is too limiting. If you are struggling with opioid addiction, you will want to know the issues surrounding buprenorphine that affect patients, doctors and family members. The best buprenorphine podcasts will inform you of all viewpoints, from why some experts are against medication-assisted treatment, to why other experts believe that it is the ultimate solution to saving more lives from opioid addiction.