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The New Recovery: A Standard of Care In Opioid Addiction Treatment

Learning about The New Recovery

Unfortunately, when it comes to treatment of opioid use disorder, treatment protocols are all over the place. And, it is not just anyone who is suggesting treatment solutions. It is time that we all understood what is meant by the new recovery.

Who can you trust?

If you ask your father, mother, grandmother or neighbor, you might not be surprised if they give you their personal opinion about what to do about opioid addiction. They might suggest to “just say no”. Or, they may recommend meetings or therapy. You can’t fault a non-professional for coming up with a solution that has no evidence behind it.

Beware misdirection.

However, when it comes to health care professionals, we expect to get good direction. In fact, we expect professional advice to be backed by science. Unfortunately, when it comes to opioid use disorder treatment, science and evidence are often ignored.

Getting on the same page.

It is time that we, as health care professionals, all came together on agreed upon what works and what does not often work. When it comes to treating opioid addiction, medication should be standard treatment. And, not only for short term use.

Addiction is a chronic condition.

As with many chronic conditions, medical treatment is not just a short term solution. A diabetic is not cured with a shot of insulin. And of course, spiritual meetings do not bring down blood sugar. In fact, while helpful with addiction treatment, meetings do not have a high success rate in keeping opioid addicts clean.

Residential and Outpatient Treatment Centers, this means you.

While we know that long-term medication dramatically increases success for opioid addicts, the treatment centers often make up their own protocols. They either do not use meds or they only use them for a short time. Hence, it is time, for all licensed healthcare facilities to get on board.

Listen to the experts.

As discussed by expert, Adam Bisaga M.D. in his new book, “Overcoming Opioid Addiction: The Authoritative Medical Guide for Patients, Families, Doctors, and Therapists”, medication is the cornerstone of treatment for opioid use disorder. I recommend this book to anyone reading this article. If you are interested in science, this book will take you on a tour of history and modern, proven therapies backed by evidence.

In conclusion, it is most important that we all understand the importance of treatment that works. Long-term medical therapy does work and it saves lives. Please consider buying Dr. Bisaga’s book here or at any bookstore. Read it and share it. Thank you.

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