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Ant McPartlin And Drug Addiction Facilities

Ant McPartlin is a British television star. He is an award winning star of a popular comedy. His fans were unaware that he was suffering from drug addiction. It turns out that he has been dealing with addiction to prescription pain pills for about a year.

How did this all of this start?

Anthony McPartlin, known as Ant, had surgery about a year ago. After the surgery, he was prescribed pain medication. What we don’t know is if he had issues with addiction prior to this. Often, there is already an addiction issue when pain pill use gets out of control.

What will happen to Ant next?

The next step will be for Ant to go to drug addiction treatment. Most likely, he will check in to a residential addiction treatment center. While there, he will probably stay for at least one month.

What happens in drug addiction facilities?

You may not be familiar with drug addiction facilities and their process for treating addiction. While in treatment, Ant will have a variety of therapies provided. Usually, the initial stage is detox, to get the drugs out of his system safely. In some programs, there are extensive recreational activities that can assist the patient in overcoming addiction. Group therapy meetings are central to drug addiction treatment. Private, individual therapy is also quite important.

Where will Ant go after he is finished with residential drug addiction treatment?

Of course, we can only speculate about Ant’s actual course of treatment. If he does attend and complete residential treatment, it would be typical to step down to another stage of treatment. In the United States, we have partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs and sober living homes. So, it is likely that the UK has similar drug rehab facilities and programs available.