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Luxury Sober Living

Consider luxury sober living as a path to future sobriety.

While many sober living houses can be found in distressed neighborhoods, there are notable exceptions. While not accessible to everyone, if you have the opportunity, you may want to consider a luxury sober living facility.

What is a sober living home?

Simply, a sober living house is a place where you can live clean and sober. Your sober home will provide a structured plan to help keep you onĀ  track. You will go to meetings. And, you will demonstrate an ability to stay clean and sober. Hence, your sober living home is the key to re-enforcing your longterm sobriety.

Why should I look for luxury sober living?

Unfortunately, there are many sober living houses that do not live up to the standards that you should expect. You may have heard stories in the news about corruption and greed among the owners of shady sober homes. Yet, there are exceptions. According to Bloomberg, Trey Laird has built a luxury sober living facility that exemplifies the ultimate in sober living. There are no neighborhood drug dealers waiting outside and none of the other negative aspects of many sober homes. Low rent housing in drug-infested areas may not be the best setting to get clean and stay clean.

How can I afford luxury sober living?

While the luxury sober living home created by Mr. Laird is out of reach for many recovering addicts, there are very nice homes that are more affordable. The important thing is to look for the best possible solution and not to settle for less. Luxury sober living is a relative term. Therefore, do not sell yourself short in looking for the best for yourself.

So, what should I look for in a sober living home?

A rule of thumb that you can use is to think of how you would be living if you did not have a problem with addiction. How is your family living now? Would you have your kids living in a house with drug dealers roaming the streets? Are boarded up windows and cars up on blocks in the yard your ideal for your family? While many people do live in unfortunate conditions, we should all aspire to better when we are trying to improve our lives. If you find a shady, run down sober living house to be appealing, it may be your addiction talking to you. So, it is time to let go of your reservations and commit to being clean and sober. You deserve better. Consider Luxury sober living.
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