Have you heard any good hydromorphone recovery stories?

Of the many war stories and messages of hope that come out of group meetings and on shows, such as hydromorphone addiction podcasts, you may hear some interesting ones about the drug dilaudid. Dilaudid is an old prescription painkiller that has seen its ups and downs as a drug of abuse. Hydromorphone addicts have been known to shoot up their tablets or even smoke them. Smoking dilaudid tabs has been called, “chasing the bean”, or simply, “smoking the bean”.

The long-acting and short-acting forms of hydromorphone.

For many years, there have been branded Dilaudid tablets as well as generic hydromorphone tablets available. Pharmacists sometime suspected that a patient might be a drug abuser if they insisted on a particular generic brand. Some generics were easier to crush up for snorting or injecting than others. More recently, Exalgo was introduced, a time-release tablet form of hydromorphone. This high-tech tablet utilized a laser-drilled hole through which the medicine is released as a gray substance inside expanded as it get wet. This ingenious mechanism made it somewhat more difficult for drug abusers to access the hydromorphone contained within the tablet. Of course, many users abused the drug simply by swallowing the tablets whole with water. As told in many hydromorphone recovery stories on various hydromorphone addiction podcasts, swallowing an intact opioid tablet is the most common way opioid medicines are abused.

Why listen to a hydromorphone recovery podcast?

When you find yourself addicted to an opioid pain med such as hydromorphone, it can help to hear stories of how people were able to recover from hydromorphone addiction. You may feel that the drug you are using is harder to quit than other drugs. It helps to hear from people who were in your exact situation and were able to overcome. This is why it is important to seek out a hydromorphone recovery podcast specifically to hear stories and learn information specific to hydromorphone addiction. Hearing this specific information will also be helpful to healthcare professionals. Loved-ones of people struggling with hydromorphone addiction will also find it useful to listen to a good hydromorphone recovery podcast.