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Freedom of Staying Clean

Staying Clean is Freedom

If you are struggling with quitting drugs, you have become aware of how your drug use has taken your freedom. It happens it obvious ways, such as going to being arrested and going to jail for a DUI, losing a job or career or being put away in an institution for months against your will. It also happens in other ways. You have become the “addict” in your family. And, you give up the trust and respect of your loved ones. In these small ways, you hand over the freedom to be who you are to people who do not have your best interest at heart. Freedom is a recurring theme in my book, The Rehab.

Addiction is a disease

It is an illness that affects and changes the brain. The disease is progressive and deadly, but it can be treated. You can live a long, healthy, productive life.

You can be happy

If you have not fully given up the drugs, or if it has only been a short time, a few days or even a few months, you cannot yet see the bright future ahead if you can just stay clean. The best treatment for addiction is time.

Your brain needs rest. It needs the time to heal.

In the beginning, your brain will tell you that staying clean is failure. You will secretly make plans to go out and take more drugs. Hopefully, these plans to get high will fail, yet addiction has poisoned your mind to not see that you must stay clean to get better. You may not yet see the incredible value of freedom and what it means to be free.

Freedom is the key to happiness.

Look around you. If you are not in locked up in a jail or institution, you are free. You can decide to go outside and take a walk and breath in the fresh, outside air. You can go to the beach or the lake, the forest, whatever great natural beauty is near where you live. Traveling is a possibility. If you like music, you can listen to it, play it. You are free to do almost anything.

Imagine the feeling of being free

Imagine the freedom to earn back the respect of your family and loved ones. Clean time earns this respect. As your mind is allowed to heal, you will want to get back to work. You may realize that you hate your job or the people you are surrounded with. When you have clean time, you have the freedom to make decisions and plan. Walking off the job today or tomorrow might not be a good idea. But, you can plan for a few months or a few years away and start taking steps.

Design the life of your dreams

If you are clean, you now have the freedom to design the life you want to live. No one has to have power over you to treat you like a child. You can own your own life.

You must keep moving forward

But, if you use drugs again, all of the hard work you have done to stay clean and build a new life of freedom will be lost. It goes quickly. Even if you don’t lose the big things, your freedom slips away quickly. You lose your freedom to drugs when you just take one. If you have not had a relapse after a long period of clean time, this is what happens.

You must not take the first one

If you use even just a little drugs or alcohol, you will snap right back to where you were before. It will be worse than last time. And it will again take months and years to climb back out of that hole of active addiction.

Nothing is more important than your freedom

Freedom is the most important thing in your life. Freedom is the key to your happiness. If you can stay clean today, you have taken a big step towards not only getting your life back, but having the life you have always wanted.

How to achieve freedom from drugs

If you are ready to quit opioids or opiates, there is medical treatment that has a high rate of success, much higher than the success rate of abstinence-based programs. You will find more information about opioid medication assisted treatment here.

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