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Recovering from active addiction is a challenge. Your goal is to stay clean of drugs and alcohol so your mind, body, and spirit can recover. While damage has been done, it is time now for you to heal so you can live a better life.

One way to help you to stay clean is to learn as much as possible about the recovery tools that are available. For example, you may only be aware of 12-step support programs like AA and NA. Did you know that there is a science-based program called Smart Recovery that is an alternative?

Meeting with other like-minded people is an excellent way to stay clean and find support. Yet, Addiction is a 24-hour condition. You may find that an hour-long support meeting, filled with recovery stories, helps to motivate you and gives you a sense of safety from your addiction. However, after you leave the meeting, the cravings and negative thoughts can return.

What can you do late in the night, laying alone in bed when everyone else has gone to sleep? Who can you turn to for help and company? Fortunately, in today’s world, we have the technology to bring us free recovery podcasts. If you have a smart phone, tablet, laptop or other internet-connected device, you can find recovery audio online.

In order to get started, you simply need to download a podcast app. If you use an iPhone or iPad, there is already a podcast app on your device. If you use Android, you can download an app such as Podcast Addict or the Google podcast app.

In addition to podcasts on recovery, you can also find recovery radio stations online. While there are some excellent radio programs out there, a recovery podcast has unique advantages. In fact, podcasts are uniquely suited to the nature of addiction. This is because you can subscribe to your favorite podcasts and download the best episodes.

When you feel like you are alone and in trouble and you need support right away, you will find that the best addiction recovery podcast is the one that you can listen to immediately. You can plan for these moments ahead of time by subscribing to the best recovery podcasts in your podcast app. Start listening to podcast episodes while you are feeling good so you will know what will help you when you are not feeling so good.

By subscribing to your favorite podcasts on recovery and downloading your favorite episodes, you will be armed with addiction recovery support at all times. It is important to have friends in recovery who you can call for support at any time. Live support meetings are also helpful and a great place to meet with members of your support network. Yet, no one can be available to speak to you any time, day or night, on the topic of recovery from addiction like a good podcast episode.

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What is a netcast?

If you have heard of a podcast or if you listen to them currently, you already know what a netcast is. In fact, netcast is simply the generic term for podcast. The term, “podcast” was originally created with the Apple iPod in mind. For those of us who do not want to promote Apple’s products every time we mention the world of podcasting, we may choose the word, “netcast”, as a synonym of podcast.

Buprenorphine and Suboxone netcasts

Are there any online audio or video programs about Suboxone treatment and medication-assisted treatment in general? Suboxone is a brand name which has become a household name to represent sublingual buprenorphine treatment in general. Buprenorphine is the active ingredient in Suboxone, but it is harder to pronounce and spell. Yet, again, for those of us purists who like to leave corporate brands out of our conversations, buprenorphine is preferred. So, are there any netcasts about medical treatment of opiate and opioid addiction using buprenorphine?

The tech guy of recovery netcasting

Leo Laporte, also known on the radio as, “The Tech Guy”, created the TWIT (This Week in Tech) network, which hosts multiple netcast shows about technology and its influence on modern society. Leo prefers to use the word netcast. This reflects his integrity as a journalist because he prefers the term that does not promote a corporate brand. So, who is the “Tech Guy” in the world of addiction netcasting, specifically about buprenorphine treatment for opioid addiction? I would suggest that it is Mark Leeds, D.O. of The Rehab on the Mental Health News Radio Network.

The Rehab studios continue to produce excellent programming.

While The Rehab does not have the unbelievable recording facilities of the TWIT network, they do have cutting edge technology and a deep knowledge of the topic of MAT recovery. Dr. Leeds brings you top experts in the field as well as experts in the field of addiction in general. He interviews guests with incredible stories and unique perspectives on addiction treatment.

Is there an episode about Methadone versus Suboxone?

While there is not a specific episode on this topic, you will find an interview with Adam Bisaga, M.D. about his book, “Overcoming Opioid Addiction”. Not only does Dr. Bisaga and Dr. Leeds discuss methadone as the gold standard of MAT, They also discuss the success of Suboxone sublingual film and tablets in the treatment of opioid use disorder. Other topics, such as the importance of naloxone as a rescue medicine, are discussed as well.

Can an audio program on the internet help people to reduce addictive behaviors and prevent relapse?

If you suffer from one of the many addictive disorders, it is important to see a doctor to discuss treatment options. You cannot count on an online show to help you stay clean. However, you can learn a lot about important topics, such as opioid withdrawal and the many withdrawal symptoms, harm reduction, spirituality, practical tips, such as journaling, and about the many support groups available, including various 12-step fellowships.

What can I learn about Suboxone from an online program?

Suboxone is a complex drug. The effects and the way it is prescribed are not as obvious as many other medications. While your doctor can teach you a great deal about how your medication works, you may be interested in gaining a deeper understanding. Listening to a podcast about addiction medicine that focuses on this topic can help to learn and explore this information. If you are being treated for addiction by a Suboxone doctor and you find a good podcast on the topic, such as The Rehab, you may want to discuss what you have heard on the program with your doctor.

Learning about Suboxone and naloxone.

It would be great to hear an episode of The Rehab on the topic of Suboxone treatment and the role of naloxone. There is some misunderstandings about this. Many patients believe that naloxone plays a part in the treatment of addiction when combined with buprenorphine. The fact is that when a patient takes Suboxone as directed, the naloxone component is not significantly absorbed. It essentially does nothing. Naloxone in Suboxone is essentially an abuse deterrent. Discussing how the treatment works, benefits, side effects and elements of the disorder of opioid addiction can help listeners learn more about opioid use disorder and how to overcome it.

A webcast about harm reduction.

An online audio or video broadcast about harm reduction is an excellent way to spread the word about ways to reduce death and disease in the world of heroin and opioid abuse. One thing that makes it difficult to help people to overcome an addiction is that the drug user will not stop until they are ready to ask for help. Even locking a person up in a mental health facility or jail will not stop drug use. In fact, treating an opioid user like a criminal can make things worse. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to provide support to keep the drug user as safe and healthy as possible. On The Rehab podcast, we have discussed the importance of making Narcan more readily available. We have also discussed safe injection sites and clean needle and syringe sites. Fentanyl testing can also be helpful to show that heroin, and other opioids, have been contaminated. Currently, the US does not have safe injection sites. Online programming can open up this discussion and, hopefully bring about meaningful change.

A netcast to discuss topics such as addiction treatment and buprenorphine therapy must be of high quality.

The days of broadcasting from a cellphone or using a laptop built-in microphone are over. Listeners expect a level of quality in their online audio programming. The TWIT network uses incredibly high production quality. While The Rehab and other addiction-related online programming is not of TWIT-level quality, open-source audio production software and a decent quality microphone can make all the difference. They say that if the sound quality is not adequate, you may lose half the audience. When we are speaking about drug use, addiction, opioids, methadone, buprenorphine, detox, rehab, relapse and more, we do not want to lose the audience. The message of hope in treating drug addiction is of the utmost importance.

Talking about other drugs such as alcohol.

Alcohol is a deadly drug that tears apart families. Alcoholism is a killer. Many people do not think of alcohol when they talk about drug abuse. Alcohol is definitely a drug and it is one of the most dangerous drugs on the streets. There is effective medical treatment to help alcoholics to stay sober. For example, there is naltrexone, a potent opioid antagonist. Similar to naloxone, naltrexone blocks the opioid receptor. It is effective to reduce cravings for both alcohol and opioids. It is important for online hosts and their guests to discuss to effectiveness of such medical treatment and to carry the message about various programs, such as AA.

Getting past the disorder of substance abuse.

Discussing topics relating to Suboxone, Subutex, buprenorphine, methadone and medication-assisted treatment in general is great. The discussion of harm reduction, including naloxone, clean needles and other supplies, as well as opioid testing kits, is also important. We must also not forget mental health and therapies such as behavioral therapy. Yet, beyond  the medicine and science of addiction to opiate and opioid drugs and other forms of addiction, there is also the spiritual. If you look through the catalog of shows on The Rehab, you will find that spirituality is a running theme through many of the episodes. I invite you to evaluate this excellent netcast even if drug use or addiction is not a problem for you personally. You will find that the spiritual principles discussed may apply to everyone. I recommend giving this and similar online shows a chance. All you have to do is search, subscribe and listen!

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