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About Us

Our purpose is to help you find help

We are dedicated to the cause of helping people who suffer from the disease of addiction to find help. And, we have a deep understanding of addiction and how it manifests. We have researched and are associated with many of the best physicians and medical facilities in the US. Therefore, we are able to help you to find the best help for your particular problem.

We understand that addiction manifests in many ways

While addiction is a chronic disease that has similarities from one person to another, it is also different for everyone. Therefore, the solutions are different for different people. There is no one-size-all treatment or program. Treatment should be tailored to the individual.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with answers

You or a loved one is suffering and needs help now. We want to help you. We want to share our knowledge and information and give you practical solutions.



Sober Living

By the time you get to sober living, most likely you have already learned something about the principles of recovery. You have glimpsed the light at the end of the tunnel.

Drug Addiction Treatment

When it comes to drug addiction treatment, there are many levels of care available.If you are reading this and you are suffering from overuse of alcohol or drugs then clearly you have begun to do research. help.

Alcohol Rehab Centers

Alcohol addiction treatment can be successful. While you may find it hard to quit drinking on your own, alcohol rehab centers may be the answer.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

By the time you get to sober living, most likely you have already learned something about the principles of recovery. You have glimpsed the light at the end of the tunnel. You have seen by the examples of others that there is hope and it is possible to get clean and stay clean.


  • Drug addiction is a medical condition.

    Drug addiction can be fatal. The best way to get better is to ask for help. Sometimes, it can be confusing. Where can you turn for help? Friends and family don’t always understand what you are going through. So, speaking to someone who does understand can make all of the difference.

    There are many resources available.

    There are recovery groups and meetings all over the world. These meetings are usually free and open to all to attend. There are also a full spectrum of treatment options available. There is inpatient treatment. This can be long term. Or, it can be short term. Sometimes it may involve medications. In other cases, treatment may be abstinence based, with little or no medication involved. However, for some forms of addiction, seeing a specially trained doctor may be best.

    The time to get started is now.

    If you are actively using drugs now, you are causing damage in your life. You are hurting yourself physically. Your loved ones are worried about you and want you to get better. They want the real you back again. So, the time to get started is right now. Now is the time to ask for help.

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  • Alcoholism is also a medical condition.

    An alcoholic experiences the feeling of alcohol differently than a non-alcoholic. This is due to inherited differences in the way the brain processes alcohol. Unfortunately, there is no way to know that someone will become an alcoholic until they start drinking. Therefore, if you have a problem with alcohol, your medical condition is not your fault. You can stop drinking. However, you may not be able to do it on your own. You should consider medical treatment to help you quit safely.

    How do you know what will work best for you?

    If you are looking for a central resource for guidance, we may be able to help. We here at The Rehab have experience in advising people struggling with addiction. So, if you need help, please call us. We may have information that can lead you in the right direction.

    Asking for help is the first step on your journey to recovery.

    It is easiest to put off getting help just one more day. Addiction is a disease that uses your own thinking against you. It causes you to lie to yourself and justify. Hence, you justify putting off doing something about it. You avoid asking for help. But, it is important. You need to get started. So, pick up the phone and call. Making the phone call is the first step to end suffering and to get your life back.

Please, pick up the phone and call today.

A life of joy and happiness with freedom from active addiction is waiting for you. We are here to answer your questions. So, please, call today and ask for “The Rehab”.


Putting You in Touch With Drug Rehab Facilities Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Addiction is rarely a simple condition! Some people may find that they’re addicted to more than one substance at the same time, or that as soon as they quit one addiction, they pick up another. In other cases, mental health problems or behavioral issues may mean that addiction is a form of self-medicating. All too often, it’s easier to put off seeking appropriate treatment for “one more day” than it is to find the right intervention for your particular circumstances.


Drug Treatment Centers and Many More Facilities

Our aim is to find a blend of drug treatment programs that are exactly right for you. For some people the focus may be on opioid addiction treatment; other people may benefit from alcohol rehab centers. Similarly, some people may prefer one-to-one therapy, whereas others benefit from a group based approach. We blend provision to devise a custom program of intervention that’s designed to work for you, no matter what problems you’re facing.


Proven Addiction Treatment Centers

All the providers we use for our clients are fully qualified and experienced, offering high-grade services that include proven interventions known to be of benefit in addiction control. No matter what type of addiction you may be facing, our alcohol and drug addiction treatment options can usually provide an effective solution. No matter what type of issues you’ve got, we’re here to facilitate the help you need.


Opiate Addiction Treatment and Much More

An addiction doesn’t just damage an individual; it also adversely affects friends, family, work colleagues and more. If you’re suffering from addiction, please don’t put off seeking help for “one more day”. We’re here for you and able to give you access to treatment programs that really could make a difference. Even if you’ve got more than one addiction or have failed to deal with your issues during previous rehab programs, it’s still worth giving us a call at 800-469-2140. to see what we can do for you.