How can a story about probuphine inspire you to success in quitting opioids?

When I saw the email about this new and amazing technology to help people quit opioids long-term without suffering, I responded immediately. I was going to go to the training and learn all about this new product and how it works. When the day came, I drove down to a conference center in Miami to sign in. I experienced an incredible introduction to this revolutionary invention.

What do pork tenderloins have to do with a buprenorphine six-month implant?

If you have followed the latest in addiction recovery news on a probuphine podcast or blog, you may have heard about the probuphine implant. This device, which is made up of four small rods of pure buprenorphine, about 80mg each, is surgically placed under the skin of one arm and left for up to six months. Probuphine has been used for long-term, multi-year treatment programs and also as a self-tapering system. In order for doctors to demonstrate that they are competent in performing the minor surgery, they must pass a test with chunks of pork tenderloin! Each doctor surgically implants fake probuphine rods into the pork. Then, they remove rods that have been prepared by a butcher ahead of time. The experts from the company oversee this test and decide which doctors are good enough for certification. While I passed it without any problem, I did see some doctors who did not make it through. Still, they were allowed to certify as prescribers, just not implanters.

Is a probuphine podcast a good place to keep up with the latest news?

Probuphine is revolutionary, yet it is taking time for it to catch on with the general public. As cutting edge technology that requires minor surgery, it is not cheap. Getting the implant requires involvement of your health insurance company as well as coordinating with a probuphine doctor and surgeon. Listening to updates on a good probuphine podcast can help you to keep up with what is happening in this new and exciting industry.

How can probuphine help me to get clean without the need for detox meds?

At some point in your medication-assisted treatment program, you may be ready to come off of buprenorphine. Probuphine has been used as a tapering system. After the six-months of bupe has been released, the probuphine implant gradually tapers the levels of medication in your system. You get less and less, until your daily dose drops to zero. Some doctors are using the implant as a way to gently take their patients off of buprenorphine. This is fascinating and a great reason to tune into a probuphine podcast to hear more stories about how this is being done.