Best talks to resolve your alcohol addiction

Are you trying to bid goodbye to your alcohol addiction? Well, it’s a long journey ahead. To assist you throughout this journey and keep you motivated, we have the best MAT podcasts along with anonymous alcohol recovery stories These will make you more dedicated towards your goal.

Medication-Assisted Treatment- Good or Bad

We understand your dilemmas. Whether to go for Medication-assisted therapy or try quitting it on your own? Listen to the best alcohol podcasts highlighting challenges and experiences of both MAT and abstinence-based treatment and decide what suits you the best.

Dr. Leeds’ podcast:

Yes, this is the right destination to help yourself or your loved ones with the best live experiences shared by doctors, patients, and their families. These alcohol recovery stories will help you to quit addiction faster, recover better, and most importantly motivate you to stay clean and avoid relapse in the future.

More than just an alcohol recovery podcast

We have a package full of surprises wrapped in each episode. We are covering every angle of love, care, emotions, family, gratitude, health, and addictions! Our guests include famous authors, bloggers, doctors, and award-winning filmmakers as well.

Your Host

I love to welcome guests and know their stories of withdrawal and help them reach out to you. Keeping in mind the benefits of MAT and recovery, our focus is to offer listeners the best advice at all times. So do not forget to visit the show and listen to the best alcohol recovery podcasts of all time.

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