Is Oxymorphone an addictive drug?

Most of the prescription opioids for pain have some level of abuse potential. While it does not have the same reputation of addiction and abuse that OxyContin has, oxymorphone is certainly addicting. Oxymorphone is the opioid found in the pain pills, Opana and Opana ER. There are many oxymorphone recovery stories that tell about how just a few uses of oxymorphone can lead to serious addiction to the drug.

Wasn’t Opana ER supposed to be less addicting than OxyContin?

Opana ER is an extended-release form of oxymorphone. The company reps had an official pitch to give doctors that implied that it was less addicting than OxyContin. As told on one oxymorphone recovery podcast, the story was that OxyContin released much of its active opioid immediately rather than at a gradual pace as promised. Oxymorphone was supposed to be safer because it provided a more steady time release. Oxymorphone recovery stories tell a different tale. As it turns out, oxymorphone is highly addicting.

How do people abuse oxymorphone to get high?

As with many other extended-release opioids, the popular way to abuse Opana ER is to crush up the tablet. This makes the oxymorphone more accessible so it can be snorted, injected or smoked. As reported on oxymorphone addiction podcasts, Opana ER turned out to be much more abused on the streets than previously thought.

How can oxymorphone addiction podcasts help people to recover from oxymorphone addiction?

One great way to deal with opioid addiction is to stop it in the first place. People should be aware that oxymorphone is a powerful opioid that is highly addicting. While many people do take Opana and Opana ER for pain without becoming addicted, the risk is there and the consequences of addiction are serious. An oxymorphone recovery podcast can help to educate people about oxymorphone and Opana so they can make an informed decision when it is recommended by doctors for pain.