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Free Suboxone Treatment For Opiate and Opioid Addiction

Learn How To Get Free Suboxone, Free Doctor Visit, Free Therapy.

Free Suboxone is available everywhere if you need it. The company that makes Suboxone, Indivior, previously had an assistance program. Each doctor could have up to three patients enrolled. While the Indivior program no longer exists, Orexo, the maker of ZubSolv, continues to offer a similar patient assistance program. Orexo also has a voucher program that allows patients to get up to 30 free tablets without applying for patient assistance. Here is an article about how to get free opioid addiction treatment medication. But what if you can’t afford the doctor?

Pilot programs are leading the way.

While you will not find these one-stop-shops everywhere yet, I believe that they will soon spread quickly. We need more of these programs because it is so important that everyone has access to treatment. New pilot programs are leading the way in showing us that it is possible.

It starts in the ER.

At Yale-New Haven Hospital, there is a program that provides complete care, including Suboxone, to patients, regardless of income. The key is to start treatment in the hospital emergency room. NPR has featured this new trend of ER initiated addiction treatment. Furthermore, a randomized clinical trial, published in JAMA, has demonstrated that patients do better when treatment starts in the ER.

Where else can I find free treatment?

The Palm Beach Post has featured a program in Palm Beach County based on the Yale-New Haven Hospital program. Patients presenting to the JFK Medical Center ER who need opiate or opioid addiction treatment start treatment right away. The addiction treatment program for heroin and other opioids provides complete treatment, including free Suboxone, doctor visits, and psychotherapy.

Are there any other programs?

There is another program at Singing River Services in Gautier, Mississippi, serving residents of that region. Singing River provides free doctor visits, free Suboxone, and therapy as well.

Please help us to expand this list further.

Here, I have listed three free programs in Florida, Mississippi, and Connecticut.  So, what about the rest of the country? If you know of similar pilot programs in other cities or counties, please let us know! We will make this information available here and on our map-linked state-by-state listings.

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  1. I love suboxone it saved my life

  2. Any way to get Suboxone free anywhere in Houston, TX? I had a stroke and can’t work and can not afford the doctors $175 office visit charge.. Please help

    1. HEROES or maybe spelled HEROS is a program downtown no visit fee they give you 90 suboxone for 80 bucks. Hope this helps

      1. Chris – Thank you! This is excellent! I found it here online:

        I am going to add this to the map and also include it in the ebook I am putting together for the newsletter mailing list about how to get free buprenorphine treatment. Thank you for bringing this up and helping Shawn to find help in the Houston, TX area.

  3. Is there any pilot program in the tricity area in tennessee?

  4. I live in Tn and there’s no help here but yet I see on the news that Tn is one of the top list for opioid addiction, why? I’m one of the one’s looking for help the clinics are very pricey $400 Dr visit $700 for meds that’s $1100 monthly, RIDAL ME THAT…..

  5. For people in Tennessee and Alabama there is Health Connect. You can be a resident of TN but you will have to go to the doctor in AL. Also you have to attend counseling 2-4 times per month. This is through the Trump Administration. Just call Health Connect in Alabama. I’ve been in the program for 6 months.

  6. We need this in Greenville, s.c.

  7. Anything for a family member of mine with no insurance in Lansing Michigan???

  8. I have accomplished so much but I moved away from south Florida to get on suboxyne and stay away from the trouble Then my doctor passes and not another single doctor prescribes it around central Florida (citrus county) all those years I put in are so close to being wasted

  9. Shawn- not free but theres a program called HEROES in downtown no visit fee and they give you 90 suboxone for 80 dollars. Its partially state funded.

    1. Chris – I added a link to HEROES on the Texas page on this site: Thank you again for providing this information.

  10. Is There any free Suboxone clinics or Medicaid assisted treatment programs in the Statesboro Georgia area!!!

  11. I need help with my dr visit and getting them filled here in sevierville tn, it takes everything i make to pay my bills and go to the dr i live in a tourist town and notthing is free here everything is to expensive plz help

  12. Any help here in North Carolina ( Guilford county) Dr visit plus medication is ridiculously high ! Need help !

  13. Hello I live in Mount Airy NC and I am wondering if you can point me in the direction of a good program. I have no insurance to afford therapy and office visits. I am very afraid that if I cannot get suboxone that I have a much greater chance of relapse.

    1. Here are some possible resources in Surry County, NC:

      Addiction Recovery Medical
      704-872-0234 536 Signal Hill Drive
      Statesville, NC 28625

      Justis Group of Edenton 336-990-0595 924 Main Street Suite 300
      North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

      McLeod Addictive Disease
      704-871-2992 636 Signal Hill Drive
      Statesville, NC 28625

  14. I been a opioid drug user for 29 years and I found suboxone and it completely changed life.i was in a program in penaacola,fl for 18 months, that was a free program called S.T.O.P ar Lakeview, I case anyone needs info,and everything is free.theni went to see the same doctor at his other office,I pay 150.00 a month and last month was the first time I had to pay out of pocket,and when they told me 758.00!!, I almost passed out,that is fir 60can anyone give me info.i take care of my retired senior citizen parents full time so I’m indigent.i live in milton,Florida close to pensacola

    1. Suboxone should not cost that much now. There is a generic film available since March of 2019. Most patients report that it is just as good as the brand-name film. It looks like 60 of the 8mg film is around $150, depending on the pharmacy and assuming that the patient uses the GoodRx card. Here is a link: Orexo, the manufacturer of ZubSolv, offers a one-time 30 tablet supply with a prescription. ZubSolv is very similar to Suboxone. They make an 11.4mg tablet which is about equivalent to 16mg of Suboxone. The voucher to get the free ZubSolv is on the Orexo website,

  15. Wow, I never heard of medication-assisted recovery before but it does look very promising, especially how it’s basically helping a patient have as little chance of relapse as possible. A friend of mine once expressed to me her desire to come clean of marijuana. I should probably suggest this kind of treatment for her.

    1. Bill,

      Not only is it promising, but it has also been in use for many years with excellent results. There is MAT for opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder.

  16. I have been in treatment for seven. Years using Suboxone, it has saved our lives. I get treatment through the VA and I’m service connected so I don’t have to pay. So I have been sharing with my wife because she’s an addict too. But they started me on the shot last week and I don’t have much money but I have to get my wife a script of subxzone cause she don’t want to use pills either. I’ve managed to save some over time but I’m running out and I don’t want to hit the streets again. We live near Springfield, Mo. Is there anywhere we can get help that helps ppl with no money? She doesn’t have insurance and I’d have to pay for it out of my pension check, and that’s not very much. Thank you.

  17. What a wonderful, educational empathetic website you [We] have going on!!! So informative…I have been an addict for 55 years…for the last 4 of them, I have practiced what I call ” The Suboxone Theory” Buprenorphine has saved my life, my sanity & my very soul. Being disabled, elderly & widowed I have very good state-funded insurance. After several surgeries, car accidents & self-implosions this ole body is in a LOT of physical pain. The
    Buprenorphine actually relieves the pain faster & longer than any of the ridiculously high powered opioids I was ever prescribed. Suboxone rocks!!

  18. Hello , I lost my job , I relapse I have no money but I want help , what can I do ?

  19. I have lost pretty much everything. It’s just me and my boyfriend everyday we wake up how we are gonna get high …..I hate my life plz safe us

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