Free Suboxone Treatment For Opiate and Opioid Addiction

Free Suboxone

How To Get Free Suboxone, Free Doctor Visit, Free Therapy.

Free Suboxone is available everywhere if you need it. The company that makes the drug has an assistance program. Each doctor can have up to three patients on the program. In fact, here is an article about how to get free opioid addiction treatment medication. But, what if you can’t afford the doctor?

Pilot programs are leading the way.

While you will not find these one-stop-shops everywhere yet, I believe that they will soon spread quickly. This is because it is so important that everyone has access to treatment. New pilot programs are leading the way in showing us how it can be done.

It starts in the ER.

At Yale New Haven Hospital, there is a program that provides complete care, including Suboxone, to patients, regardless of income. The key is to start treatment in the hospital emergency room. NPR has featured this new trend of ER initiated addiction treatment. Furthermore, a randomized clinical trial, published in JAMA, has demonstrated that engagement with treatment is improved with ER initiated treatment.

Where else can I find free treatment?

In Palm Beach County, Florida, a program based on the Yale New Haven Hospital is available and has been featured in the Palm Beach Post. Patients presenting to the JFK Medical Center ER who need opiate or opioid addiction treatment are offered the program. The addiction treatment program for heroin and other opioids provides complete treatment, including free Suboxone, doctor visits and psychotherapy.

Are there any other programs?

There is another program at Singing River Services in Gautier, Mississippi, serving residents of that region. Singing River provides free doctor visits, free Suboxone and therapy as well.

Please help us to expand this list further.

Here, I have listed three free programs in Florida, Mississippi and Connecticut.  So, what about the rest of the country? If you know of similar pilot programs in other cities or counties, please let us know! We will make this information available here and on our map-linked state-by-state listings.

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  1. Shawn December 1, 2018 Reply

    Any way to get Suboxone free anywhere in Houston, TX? I had a stroke and can’t work and can not afford the doctors $175 office visit charge.. Please help

  2. Joani Chrysler December 12, 2018 Reply

    Is there any pilot program in the tricity area in tennessee?

  3. Robin Long January 4, 2019 Reply

    I live in Tn and there’s no help here but yet I see on the news that Tn is one of the top list for opioid addiction, why? I’m one of the one’s looking for help the clinics are very pricey $400 Dr visit $700 for meds that’s $1100 monthly, RIDAL ME THAT…..

  4. Michelle February 5, 2019 Reply

    For people in Tennessee and Alabama there is Health Connect. You can be a resident of TN but you will have to go to the doctor in AL. Also you have to attend counseling 2-4 times per month. This is through the Trump Administration. Just call Health Connect in Alabama. I’ve been in the program for 6 months.

  5. In need February 25, 2019 Reply

    We need this in Greenville, s.c.

  6. Christina March 17, 2019 Reply

    Anything for a family member of mine with no insurance in Lansing Michigan???

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