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The C Three Foundation Advocates For The Sinclair Method To Help Control Drinking

Have you heard about the C Three Foundation?

The C Three foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for The Sinclair Method, or TSM. TSM is a way to reduce alcohol consumption for people who suffer from alcohol addiction and for gray area drinkers.

Jenny Williamson is the Executive Director of the Board of Directors of the C Three Foundation. She works hard to increase awareness of TSM so that more alcohol dependent people will have the opportunity to learn more about this form of pharmacological extinction that essentially erases the alcohol habit from the brain.

Unfortunately, the treatment industry has not participated in promoting this harm reduction protocol for helping people to reduce their drinking. Ms. Williamson is aware that most of that responsibility has fallen on the C Three Foundation.

There are several alcohol addiction treatment options, including TSM. It is reasonable to offer patients choices and it is reasonable to make recomendations based on the individual situations of individual patients.

People deserve equal access to treatment for alcohol misuse. Ms. Williamson and actress Claudia Christian have created the C Three Foundation as a program to act as a bridge between healthcare providers and people interested in medication for alcohol treatment so they can work on overcoming alcoholism.

While naltrexone is the main medication used in The Sinclair Method, the C Three Foundation has no connection to the manufacturers of Naltrexone. While naltrexone, the opiate blocker, plays an important part in treating alcohol abuse, there is more to TSM than just taking a pill every day.

As a tax exempt organization that is structured as a charity, the C Three Foundation provides information on the science of TSM and it provides an advanced treatment locator to help prospective patients to find healthcare providers experienced with TSM.

Jenny WIlliamson performs many roles at the C Three Foundation, including fundraising by attracting donors and applying for various grants to maintain funding. The organization is unique in its dedication to this science-based method of harm reduction to help the alcoholic and the gray area drinker to reduce or eliminate alcohol intake.

Now is the time to join in to help the C Three Foundation achieve its mission to help people to reclaim their lives from the negative impact of alcohol use disorder. Jenny believes that TSM is the closest thing we have to a vaccine for alcohol addiction.

It is a health problem that we can work together to help others to overcome. So whether you would like to sign up to give a monthly donation, or get involved in volunteer activities, every little bit helps.

For those interested in making larger charitable contributions, please reach out to Jenny Williamson for more information. Thank you for listening and considering getting involved in the mission of the C Three Foundation.

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