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Tom Davis MD FAAFP

Dr. Tom Davis is a healthcare expert and consultant who is also co-founder of New Script, a community for healthcare professionals to communicate and share ideas. One of the missions of New Script is to motivate doctors to consider leaving jobs at large healthcare organizations and to start their own medical practices and side work to gain freedom from an abusive system.

The idea of New Script was so appealing to doctors who learned about it, without any marketing efforts at all, the platform signed up hundreds of new members in just the first few days of operation. Joining is as easy as downloading the smartphone app for iOS or Android and joining with a new account.

In this interview, we discuss the state of healthcare, issues such as direct primary care, physician burn out and gaslighting, and oppression by an educational system designed to keep doctors employed in abusive jobs.

I am personally excited to see the evolution of New Script and the conversations that take place on the platform.

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