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Dr. Teralyn Sell, Brain Chemistry Expert: Healing The Addicted Brain

Dr. Teralyn Sell is a brain health expert and psychotherapist who helps clients to develop nutritional plans based on a customized neurochemistry blue print. While many addiction treatment programs focus on treatment with either medication or spiritual-based programs,

Dr. Teralyn is focused on the science of brain chemistry and addressing the issue of filling the empty buckets of precursors that help the brain to heal itself and rebalance necessary neurotransmitters. Rather than interfering with the architecture of brain chemistry, her approach involves helping the brain to help itself restore itself back to health.

Poor nutrition is a contributing factor in many mental health issues. Dr. Teralyn Sell is on the forefront of brain chemistry science. She has also designed a series of nutritional supplements that are specifically tuned to the unique needs of people who are in the process of overcoming addiction to alcohol or drugs.

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