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Samara Ibanez: TSM Coaching For Success In Reducing Or Quitting Alcohol

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is a form of medication-assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder. TSM helps people to reduce their alcohol consumption by taking an opioid receptor blocking medication before drinking. Over time, the alcohol habit is erased from the brain, leading to the extinction of the habit.

The basics of TSM are simple and straightforward. Yet, the implementation can be a bit more complicated. How often do you take the tablet and drink? Do you have to drink on days when you don’t feel like drinking? Should you drink on a schedule, or pay attention to alcohol cravings? How do you know you are having an alcohol craving? What do you do when you have intolerable side effects from medication?

There are many questions that come up when a person has a prescription bottle in hand, filled with naltrexone, the opioid blocker most often used by US patients who practice TSM. Doctors who agree to help their patients by prescribing naltrexone are not always experienced at helping out with the details of an individualized TSM program.

This is where a qualified TSM coach can be helpful. A TSM coach is someone who has extensive experience in addressing the issues that can arise when unique individuals attempt to follow the program.

Samara Ibanez is a coach with many years of experience in helping people to overcome addictions, including alcohol addiction. She is aware of the many hurdles and pitfalls that may show up when a person attempts to follow TSM. 

Her problem-solving approach is effective in helping people to find ways to make TSM work for them. For people who have begun the TSM journey, and are looking for professional support to ensure smooth sailing towards extinguishing the alcohol habit, Samara Ibanez may have the answers they are looking for.

 As a certified TSM coach with personal experience of overcoming many difficulties and finding great success in the program, Ms. Ibanez is prepared to help others to find success as well.


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