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Did Trump Cause The Opioid Crisis?

With each day we hear more stories about the consequences of opioid and opiate use.

I wonder if Trump is aware of what is happening all over America.  Heroin addiction is out of control. Prescription drugs are being misused and abused.

In the midst of this crisis and epidemic, you might ask yourself, “Did Trump cause all of this?”

Donald Trump is the forty-fifth president of the United States of America. With this office, he has a responsibility to protect the citizens of this nation from harm.

There has been much blame and finger pointing with respect to the opioid crisis in America.

We have blamed doctors, pharmacists. Pharmaceutical companies and politicians.Who is really to blame for the widespread drug use in our nation?

I believe that in focusing too much on trying to place blame, we are avoiding the more important issue.

In a crisis, the first priority should be to save those in danger. We have ways to do this. There are treatment programs. In fact, the best programs for ongoing support are completely free. We need to spread the word.

There is also medical treatment available.

There are several medications which can save the lives of opioid addicts. These include buprenorphine, Subutex, Suboxone and Zubsolv. Also, naltrexone and Vivitrol. For rescue of those overdosing, there is naloxone. Naloxone comes as an injectable and nasal spray.

We can all help to save lives.

So, I believe that the focus of our media, social and professional, should be on what we can do to help. Let us join together and get the word out. And, to the politicians and the wealthy, please help us. Please do your part to make treatment accessible. Why are these medications so expensive?

So, to our president, Donald Trump, can you make these medications cheaper?

Why are there so many medications on the Walmart $4 list and not any of those I listed above? I have heard politicians discussing this issue. They believe there is a solution to bring down the prices of prescription medicines. Therefore, I ask our president to please work together with lawmakers to do whatever it takes to make medical treatment more available. You can start by investigating why the medical tools we need to fight this epidemic are so costly. Generic drugs that cost very little to manufacture are sold for a premium in pharmacies.

Thank you to those lawmakers who are working for change

For example, Senator Al Franken, U.S. Senator for Minnesota, and his colleagues are working to lower prescription drug prices. It doesn’t matter what political party we belong to.  Opioid and opiate addiction does not affect only democrats or only republicans.  We all need to work together to bring about change.

In conclusion…

It would not be fair to blame President Trump for causing the opioid crisis.  What we can hold him responsible for is what he does to bring about a solution.  We need for our president to stand up and support change to make medical treatment for addiction more accessible.  So, please, President Trump, work together with your colleagues in Washington D.C. to help those Americans who suffer from opioid addiction.  Thank you.

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