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Crossing  the line

In recovery, we are taught to look back and see that we were addicts from the very beginning.

Often, we can find signs of our addiction going back to childhood and we may even assume that it goes back further in the family tree through our parents and even grandparents. However, in many cases, we can pinpoint an exact point in time or we stepped over a certain line.  Crossing the line was when we truly became addicted to drugs.

Usually, that point in time is very memorable in stays with us for life.

It is an event, in which we can say that afterwards there is no doubt that we had entered the world of the disease of addiction. Before this particular moment, we might say that we had the disease of pre addiction. Or, we might say that we were predisposed or at high risk. This is to say, we likely had issues of social anxiety, akwardness or insecurities. We may have felt awkward in the company of other people and that we needed some sort of fix.

We may have found ourselves indulging in the use of alcohol and/or drugs early on.

While we likely used heavily and overuse, we still had not crossed that very clear line. This is not to say that there was no problem at all in these early days. But, the problem was to some degree manageable. We were able to get through school or work and a deal with the activities of daily living including our families.

And, we were able to put down the drugs and take time off from them.

We were able to pull ourselves together and get ourselves feeling back to normal. Then, came that fateful day. There was a brief advance where someone offered us something newer, stronger and better and we were not able to turn it down. We may have been in a state of desperation and despair. Likely, we were already intoxicated with some lesser and more controllable drug or alcohol.

Our defenses were down and we were not prepared to say no.

On that day, we experienced a feeling that would not be recreated again. We might come close, but that would be the one time that we felt that way. It would seem on that day to be the greatest experience of our lives. We had finally found something worth living for. Or, so we thought.

What we had actually found was the beginning of the end.

It would be the beginning of the downward slope of our lives that would end with either death or, hopefully, a new beginning. For those of us who survived and remained alive , they would always be hope to recover. With each relapse, the threat of death or serious consequences loomed above.

Yet, the survival of each relapse gave us hope.

As long as we remain alive, we have hope to recover and find a new way of life without the torture of drug addiction.  If you are ready to take the first step, we encourage you to contact us today for more information on how to get help in your area.

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