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Free ZubSolv: This trick might work.

Free ZubSolv: The alternative to free Suboxone.

There is information online about how to get free buprenorphine medications such as free Subutex, Suboxone and free ZubSolv. These include manufacturer patient assistance programs. Furthermore, there are also local pilot programs in some areas providing free treatment and medication.

Why ZubSolv instead of Suboxone?

Suboxone was the original medication approved for opioid dependence treatment. Hence, it is the most widely known brand. However, it can be difficult to get it for free. ZubSolv is a similar brand with the same ingredients. It has less of an aftertaste. It also dissolves very fast. And, it can be obtained for free when Suboxone cannot.

What Patient Assistance Programs are out there?

Suboxone has a program that allows each doctor to have three patients. So, those three patients get a card that pays for one year of meds. Yet, ZubSolv’s program only allows each doctor to have one patient. Another difference is that the ZubSolv program mails the medication to the patient. Also, it only covers six months. So, what can you do if your doctor has all of these spaces filled?

Here is the trick…

While  the Free ZubSolv program only allows one patient per doctor, the doctor can request an increase. Many doctors do not know that this is possible. You can advise your doctor about how to do this.

Here is how your doctor requests an increase.

Most likely, your doctor has a local rep from the ZubSolv company. This rep brings literature and discount cards. It turns out that the rep can start the process to add more spaces. Now, your doctor can have more than one patient getting free ZubSolv.

Is there any other way to get free ZubSolv?

Yes, there is. The same company rep provides vouchers. Your doctor can give you up to two vouchers. These vouchers pay for up to 30 tablets. This can add up to a full month of treatment.

So, talk to your doctor today about these cost saving options.

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