You are currently viewing Dr. Roland Engelbrecht: Medication Assisted Treatment For Alcohol Addiction Beyond Naltrexone

Dr. Roland Engelbrecht is a family physician in British Columbia, Canada, who has dedicated his medical practice to addiction treatment. He is also a member of the Canadian Alcohol Use Disorder Society, founded by Dr. Jeff Harries.

The goals of CAUDS include educating the public about alcohol use disorder and how it is a medical condition that deserves compassion, not stigma. CAUDS also works to educate healthcare providers and the public about proven medical treatments that are effective in helping people to overcome alcohol addiction.

While previous episodes on this podcast have focused on the use of naltrexone in treating alcohol use disorder, there are other medical treatments which can be helpful, in addition to naltrexone, or as an alternative for people who cannot tolerate naltrexone. There are also people who do not respond well to naltrexone, so adding additional medication can sometimes be helpful.

Now, that medication assisted treatment of alcohol use disorder is becoming more commonplace, mainly as a harm reduction method in the form of The Sinclair Method, it is important that patients and their doctors understand that there are additional treatments available that can help to make their program more effective, if needed.

I hope that this podcast episode is helpful in providing useful information to patients who can share it with their doctors, and for doctors who are looking for additional resources to offer their patients.

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