What Is Ibogaine And How Successful Is It In Treating Opioid Addiction?

Is it possible to cure heroin addiction with ibogaine addiction treatment? While ibogaine is illegal in the United States, there are ibogaine treatment programs popping up in countries around the world. People who have undergone treatment claim that opioid withdrawal symptoms are lessened and there are few, if any, cravings after treatment. However, the drug […]


Atrigel: Can It Stop The Opioid Epidemic?

What is Atrigel? Atrigel is the ingredient in Sublocade that makes it work as a monthly shot. Before you are given your shot, Atrigel exists as a liquid. Afterwards, it turns into a solid material under the skin, releasing medicine steadily all month. Eventually, it dissolves and goes away. When did they invent Atrigel? Interestingly, […]

smoking kratom

Smoking Kratom: Why Is Everyone Talking About Smoking Kratom?

Why would anyone consider smoking kratom? Kratom is a street drug. Internet “experts” claim that it can treat addiction. Additionally, they claim that Kratom is not an opioid, although it does stimulate opioid receptors. However, drug abusers are snorting, eating, drinking and smoking kratom. What is the purpose of smoking a drug? First and foremost, […]

sublocade injection

Sublocade: The Future Of Opioid Addiction Treatment

What is the Sublocade injection? You may have heard of a new monthly injectable form of Suboxone. In fact, it does exist and it is brand new. The Sublocade injection can be an important part of your addiction treatment program. How does it work? Sublocade is made of the active ingredient of Suboxone mixed in […]

Adam Bisaga

Adam Bisaga, MD: Overcoming Opioid Addiction

Please, if you only listen to one episode of The Rehab podcast, listen to this one. The opioid epidemic of the 21st century has become one of the most deadly in history. Opioid overdose has become one of the most common causes of death in the United States. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of […]

The New Recovery

The New Recovery: A Standard of Care In Opioid Addiction Treatment

Learning about The New Recovery Unfortunately, when it comes to treatment of opioid use disorder, treatment protocols are all over the place. And, it is not just anyone who is suggesting treatment solutions. It is time that we all understood what is meant by the new recovery. Who can you trust? If you ask your […]