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Suboxone Coupon And Subutex: Saving Money On Treatment

Is there a Suboxone coupon that can save me money?

If you do not have health insurance, you will find that medications can be costly. When it comes to addiction treatment medications, such as Suboxone, your costs will be substantial. That is, unless you are willing to take a generic. Let’s talk about discounts and how to look for a Suboxone Coupon.

Generics save you money

It wasn’t long ago that there was no generic Suboxone. Hence, you had no choice but to pay high prices. Now, you can request generic Suboxone and save a lot of money. Additionally, you can use a Suboxone coupon and save even more.

What is the best Suboxone coupon?

It seems that Good Rx has taken the first position as the most effective Suboxone discount. In fact, you will find that generic Suboxone with this card is around one-third the price of the brand name. When it comes to Subutex, the savings are even greater at about one-half the price of the generic Suboxone. Keep in mind though, doctors usually require that you have a good reason to be taking Subutex over Suboxone. Not least of all, you should consider discounts for other brands as well, such as ZubSolv and Sublocade.

Are there any problems with generic Suboxone and Subutex?

First, the generics can take a lot longer to dissolve under your tongue. Over time, you will realize that this is a serious issue. When you have to wait for a half-hour for your tablet to dissolve, it takes away time from other activities. Also, generics can vary in other ways from one brand to another. Overall, there is less consistency compared to the name brands.

Are there other alternatives?

In fact, compounded buprenorphine/naloxone is another alternative. This product is like a generic, yet it is manufactured by a local pharmacist. Unlike a generic, buprenorphine compound can be made to dissolve quickly and taste great. Read about other benefits to compounded buprenorphine here.

What other Suboxone coupon or discount card is available?

Manufacturers have their own discount programs. Some pharmacies have their own discount card programs as well. One thing is for certain. You should never pay full price, even for the brand name Suboxone. There are almost always Suboxone coupons or discount cards available. You may even want to research free Suboxone programs in your area. There are not many yet, but there will soon be many more.

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