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Where can you find the best talk about solving the opioid crisis?

Having you been looking for an opioid podcast? Or, should I say an MAT podcast? While you will find many great shows about addiction out there, only a handful address the opioid addiction epidemic in our country. When it comes to the opioid podcast category, how many hosts are MAT doctors?

Medication Assisted Treatment Debates

although there is debate about MAT, the experts agree that it works. However, we need more experts speaking out about how well it works. In contrast, non-medication treatment does not work nearly as well. Where can the public listen to experts talk about this subject? Is there a good opioid podcast?

The Rehab Podcast.

As you may have guessed, I am leading up to recommending my podcast! While not every episode is highly focused on treating opioid addiction, it does come up in every episode. Furthermore, I believe that I have had guests who have provided the ultimate information that can directly guide patients and their loved ones to seek proper care.

Some examples.

First, in the initial episode, my guest, Carolyn Hannan Bell, was the author of a children’s book about addiction. While the book was not only about opioid addiction, it was a major consideration in her writing of the book. Then, in episode 3, I had the opportunity to ask a well-known psychiatrist and best-selling author about her experience in treating opioid addiction. Subsequently, in episode 7, I interviewed a leading expert and educator in the field on MAT and addiction treatment. More recently, my guest was a lobbyist in DC, fighting for better access to care for opioid addiction treatment.

More than just an opioid podcast

While you will hear incredible, actionable information about opioid addiction, there is so much more on The Rehab Podcast. We talk about spirituality, gratitude, journaling, family, mental illness and escaping psychological abuse. My guests are award winning filmmakers, best-selling authors, well known bloggers and speakers. In short, you are going to hear some great material here.

Your host

I believe that I am ideally suited for an opioid podcast, or an addiction related podcast with a focus on MAT and recovery. My day job involves working with opioid addicted patients to help them recover from their addiction. I find it to be a highly rewarding field to work in. And, in addition to loving my job, I really love speaking to fascinating guests on my podcast. Please come visit the show and try listening to an episode. Thank you!