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Spiritual Leader Harry Derbitsky And Attorney Mark Astor On Integrative Addiction Care

An important concept in healthcare is integrative care. Integrative care means that healthcare providers and other related professionals learn to work together to get better outcomes.

In the field of addiction treatment, the lack of integration is an issue. Different approaches are conflicting. We are going in different directions and not working together. 12-step fellowships, rehabs, and doctors are often not on the same page.

However, we can begin having a dialog to learn how to work better together to solve the overwhelming problem of this current drug and alcohol crisis.

Harold Derbitsky is a spiritual leader and author who has spent many years working with indigenous people to help them to overcome addiction. He is a practitioner of the 3-principles and studied under the founder, Sydney Banks.

Mark Astor is a Florida attorney who is the first in the country to focus solely on helping people to get help with addiction, alcoholism, and mental health disorders. He specializes in areas of the law that include the Marchman Act and the Baker Act. While his focus is on helping people who live in Florida, he can work with their families and loved ones, even if they do not live in Florida.

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