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Addiction, Recovery and Rehab Blogs Are Online Journals To Help Us

How to study addiction, addiction treatment, and rehab using online blogs.

If you are trying to learn more about substance abuse, treatment and recovery, you may be interested in looking for a journal or publication on these topics. Maybe you are looking for the right kind of rehab for yourself or someone you love. In the old days, you might look for a medical journal on drug addiction and addiction treatment. These still exist, yet they are more aimed at the mental health, psychology and psychiatry professional. Reading a research article on the topic of substance use disorder can be interesting, yet it may not provide the information you are looking for.

Drug and alcohol related blogs can help you to get help.

In recent years, blogs have proved to be a more personal and direct way of learning about sensitive subjects, such as mental health, addiction and addiction treatment. Authors of recovery blogs may be in recovery themselves. Or, they may have loved-ones in recovery, or they may have lost loved-ones to the disease of addiction. While bloggers may also be addiction medicine professionals, a recovery blog is more likely to be written on a personal level and it is more likely to be accessible to people who need real help in learning about addiction, relapse, recovery, detox and drug rehab.

Helping loved-ones to overcome disorders involving a drug or alcohol.

While a blog may not technically be a journal, it can be one of the resources that you consult with about addiction treatment information. If you are trying to learn more about substance abuse issues, such as opioid and opiate dependence and addiction, you will find that the authors of addiction blogs provide a different perspective. For example, an addiction blogger may have overcome addiction to a drug or alcohol through treatment and they have maintained their sobriety. You may find that the addiction blog reflects a familiar story to your own or to that of your loved-one. The recovery blog can provide insight into a possible path to follow to prevent relapse and find long-lasting sobriety and recovery.

A different kind of publication.

A blog is a journal for the people. It is a way for people to connect directly with people whom have had a similar experience in recovery, addiction treatment, rehab, and other forms of treatment. While you can go to various group meeting programs to get similar information from individuals with drug addiction experience, a recovery blog will provide this information in an organized fashion by a blogger who has made the effort to put their experience into an online journal. The addiction blog is truly a publication for the people.

Is it possible to be sober from a drug?

In learning more about addiction to a particular drug, you may skip over journal articles and blog posts about alcohol and sobriety. In fact, you will find that an online journal about alcohol and how to stay sober can be very relevant to addiction and drug use. Many people who suffer from addiction attend alcoholics anonymous. They simply replace the word “alcohol” in their mind with “addiction” or the name of the drug they are struggling with. There is a wealth of information in the world of sobriety and alcohol recovery. It would be a shame to not use the experiences of these authors in learning as much as possible about the tools of successful recovery. Therefore, do not be afraid to study the alcoholism literature and sobriety blogs as well as addiction blogs and recovery blogs. Remember that alcohol is a drug and alcoholism is a form of addiction.

Addiction blogs just for you.

By subscribing to a blogger who provides the kind of articles and experience you are looking for, you will be able to see new posts as they are published. You can stay up-to-date with the blogger’s experiences and understanding of addiction and topics such as drug rehab. As you search and read many such addiction blogs, you will find the ones that resonate with you and provide the information that you are looking for to best help yourself and your loved-ones.

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