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Freedom From Active Addiction Through Spirituality And The Three Principles
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Spiritual transcendence in every day life

During your lifetime, you have likely had thoughts about spirituality and nature. In your daily experience, you have had a sense that there must be more to existence than what can be easily observed. Yet, rather than moving in the direction of becoming a spiritual person living a spiritual life, you find yourself in one difficult situation after another.

The loss of freedom.

Maybe you have had difficult experiences in the past. Or, possibly people in your life have made things difficult for you. Year after year, it becomes more difficult to have faith that everything will work out for the best. As life becomes more overwhelming to deal with, at some point you discover the escape of drugs.

Drugs enslave.

Addiction to drugs can be the ultimate slavery. You realize that you are helpless to put the drugs down and get clean. Even if you are able to stay clean for a short time, whenever you use drugs to escape again, you find yourself deep in the misery of addiction again.

Rediscovering transcendence through The Three Principles.

Sydney Banks is the originator of The Three Principles of mind, consciousness and thought. By understanding and practicing these transcendental principles, it is possible for you to move away from the stress of addiction in your life. You are able to experience calm in a state of meditation. By entering this transcendent state, you find that you are able to live your life without the need for drugs or anything outside of yourself to fix yourself. In fact, you may realize that there is nothing to fix.

Getting back to spirit.

What is spirituality and the spirit? Talking about God makes many people uncomfortable. Fortunately, having a transcendental spiritual experience does not require you to engage in the practice of specific religious beliefs. If you refer to the dictionary, you will find that spirituality is not the same as religion. You can be spiritual without being religious. It is possible to have faith in something greater than yourself without giving it a specific name. Though, you may actually feel comfortable with calling this higher power God.

Staying Clean From Drugs With The Three Principles.

In my interview with Harry Derbitsky of Advanced Coaches Training, we discussed The Three Principles and his new book, “Evolution Of Addiction Recovery”. In this book, Harry discusses how Alcoholics Anonymous began with a man having a transcendental spiritual experience. Bill W. had a religious experience that lead to his life long commitment to not drinking alcohol ever again. Before this experience, Bill W. could not stop drinking, even though it was causing him significant harm.

Regaining autonomy by overcoming addiction.

While it is not likely that everyone will have this sort of transcendental spiritual experience, Bill W. constructed the program of AA to help people to follow a path of spiritual growth. Unfortunately, as Mr. Derbitsky describes, the spiritual nature of the program has lost something in the rituals of the programs. He believes that we can transcend the 12-steps and connect with our own spirit through awareness and knowledge of the nature of mind, thought and consciousness.

Enjoying freedom and self-determination.

What is freedom? Why should we work towards being free? What is the definition of the word freedom? You may define freedom differently than I do, but I know that it takes work and constant vigilance to maintain a transcendental state of being free. It is all too easy to give up our freedom. In fact, when you use addicting drugs, you hand over your freedom very quickly. However, through meditation, you can get a sense of the nature of your mind and your own consciousness. In this daily practice of meditation, you can become aware of how you have little control over your own thoughts, but you can choose not to obsess over them or act on them. By developing this spiritual discipline, it can help you to avoid taking that next drug that can destroy well-being. Read here to learn more about Kundalini Meditation.

You can be free.

The path to experience transcendent freedom in your life on a daily basis may be different for you. We are all different and some people will find success in their daily life by following the spiritual path that makes the most sense for them as individuals. I believe that it is important to keep an open mind and explore the world of spiritual practice and transcendental philosophy.

Transcendental Science and Medicine.

Did God provide us with the science to treat addiction? While we cannot pretend to understand how God works in our lives, many people believe that God works through people to help other people. So, when scientists in the past discovered and studied chemicals that eventually became addiction treatment medications that we use today, it could be argued that there was a spiritual force behind the relationship of scientific discoveries and medical practice that lead to our having these important tools today.

Now, at a time in history when we face the deadliest of drug epidemics, we are prepared with medical tools to help save lives.

Rather than fight the proven benefits of medical science and medications in treating opioid addiction, we should be grateful that these transcendental tools exist. They give those who struggle with addiction hope to find freedom by allowing them to have the time and peace of mind to explore their own spiritual connection with the universe.

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