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How to Help a Loved One Get Much-Needed Treatment

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) says prevention is key in dealing with drug addiction. It’s an entirely preventable disease. However, in cases wherein prevention no longer works, then timely and proper treatment are crucial to recovery.

If a loved one suffers from addiction, you can offer support and assistance by helping your friend or family come up with a list of addiction treatment centers that might be right for them. Here are helpful questions to act as a guide:

What kind of treatment is needed?

If your family member hasn’t been using the drug for very long, that could mean a shorter detox and rehabilitation period. However, if your loved one suffers from long-term abuse of the drug, rehabilitation could take weeks even months. When you put together a list of options, you’ll need to factor these in.

What kind of program is ideal?

Depending on how deep-rooted the addiction is, your loved one might need either inpatient or outpatient treatment, or something in between these two. Inpatient treatments will require your loved one to stay at the center while outpatient treatments allow your loved one to come and go for treatment. The third option combines the two, requiring the patient to spend a certain amount of time at the facility all while having permission to come and go from the facility. For intensive rehabilitation, inpatient programs are much more suitable. Patient who need greater flexibility in treatment schedules, though, will go for outpatient treatments so they could keep coming to work or school.

Where to look?

There are plenty of resources you can use. Online directories and databases like The Rehab are a prime example. You can easily get the assistance you need to find out which treatment facilities, programs and doctors should go on your list of prospective options. By using these online tools, you can save a lot of time, allowing you to get results that much faster. That matters. Drug abuse is a race against time. The sooner you get a list of those addiction treatment centers from reliable online databases, the sooner you can start filtering those through. You and your loved one can work at whittling down the list until you end up with the best possible options.

At The Rehab, we know how hard the struggle is. With a comprehensive database of treatment and recovery-related information, we can help make things easier.

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