Improve Mental Health

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Today

Mental health has always been one of the aspects of wellness that is often overlooked or not emphasized. When people think of a healthy person, their minds often jump to physical, social, and emotional health. If you ask someone to describe a healthy person, they will likely say that a healthy person is someone who […]

Anna Yusim

Fulfilled: The Science of Spirituality with Anna Yusim, M.D.

At the intersection of where science and medicine meet spirituality, Dr. Anna Yusim has written a book to serve as a guide for doctors and patients to reconnect with their souls. When it comes to medical addiction treatment, doctors do not always have all of the answers. Dr. Yusim understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to help all patients. […]

Seth Silverton

Seth Silverton: Improving Lives by Teaching Sustainability

This episode of The Rehab with Dr. Mark Leeds features Seth Silverton, a master story teller and leader. He is the founder of Forktale, a story telling event paired with locally sourced foods based on a theme. He is also the founder of Village Roots, a charity which anonymously has provided organic foods to families […]