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Smoking Kratom: Why Is Everyone Talking About Smoking Kratom?

Why would anyone consider smoking kratom?

Kratom is a street drug. Internet “experts” claim that it can treat addiction. Additionally, they claim that Kratom is not an opioid, although it does stimulate opioid receptors. However, drug abusers are snorting, eating, drinking and smoking kratom.

What is the purpose of smoking a drug?

First and foremost, people smoke drugs to get high fast. Smoking a drug gets it into your system faster than other routes. Unfortunately, smoking any drug will damage your lungs and other organs. Smoking anything is bad for you.

How are drugs smoked?

While you may think of smoking a marijuana joint or a pipe, there are other ways that people smoke drugs. In fact, some abusers use a straw and aluminum foil. First, they heat the foil with a lighter or torch. Then, they breath in the smoke with the straw. In addition to the typical lung and organ damage, there are other dangers here. For example, there is evidence that aluminum can increase the risk of dementia. And, the fumes from melted straw plastic is highly toxic as well.

Smoking is never a good idea.

From marijuana to tobacco, people have been smoking addicting drugs for centuries. Since the 20th century, science has proven that smoking of any kind is harmful. Not only can smoking permanently damage your lungs, it can also cause heart disease and cancer. So, smoking kratom is a bad idea.

Kratom is not a safe drug.

If you look up kratom online, you will find information about the benefits of this drug. They claim that it can be used for opioid detox. Please, do not try to treat addiction with street drugs, such as Kratom. Kratom can cause cravings and trigger a deadly relapse. Even if you agree that smoking kratom is a bad idea, I recommend avoiding this drug altogether.


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