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Suboxone Treatment Online: Office-Based Opioid Addiction Treatment Online

Office-Based Online Suboxone Doctors Are Providing Treatment Via Telemedicine

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There has been a movement towards online telemedicine treatment of opioid addiction. There is a need for opioid telehealth because opioid addiction is such a severe problem, and many patients live in rural areas.

Even in urban areas, getting to a doctor’s office can be difficult and time-consuming. If only it were easier to see a doctor for treatment, more patients would seek help. Telemedicine makes this possible. Patient care at underserved distant sites has become a reality.

Additionally, when it comes to the current pandemic situation that we are all experiencing, remote doctor visits are more important than ever. While some doctor visits must occur in person, medical addiction treatment can be particularly effective via telehealth.

Patients can see their online Suboxone doctor for treatment while staying home, avoiding potential exposure to COVID-19. The novel coronavirus may be with us for a very long time and has already changed society in many ways. Modern telemedicine technology is progressing now faster than ever.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Online Works.

Suboxone doctors have traditionally seen their patients in the office for monthly visits. These monthly visits are a huge convenience over the daily in-person visits required in methadone clinics. Suboxone film and similar buprenorphine-based meds have made the treatment of opioid dependence easier than ever.

Yet, there is still a massive gap between the number of patients getting treatment and the patients who need addiction treatment. In areas where doctors have been able to set up telemedicine, or telehealth, Suboxone treatment programs, there has been a significant improvement in access to care. The dealers are making it easier to buy heroin and pills.

They are providing door-to-door service and fast delivery. Patients who suffer from opiate addiction should have easy access to medication-assisted treatment with buprenorphine. Suboxone treatment online makes it possible to deliver this care directly to the patient in a safe and compliant manner.

How does a telemedicine health system work?

Thanks to significant developments in telecommunications technology in the past decade, healthcare professionals can diagnose and treat many acute and chronic diseases via remote clinical services. Telehealth works well for many areas of medicine, from urgent care to primary care. Medical information is stored and accessed in a central electronic health records system. The doctor, or nurse, communicates over the internet with real-time audio and video.

How does buprenorphine work?

Buprenorphine, the active ingredient in Suboxone, works by blocking the opioid receptor. While the drug is bound to the opiate receptor, blocking other opioids, it also partially activates the receptor. This unique mixed action is what makes buprenorphine so effective.

Buprenorphine not only prevents withdrawal symptoms, but it also blocks cravings for opioids. Because of its unique properties in blocking cravings and withdrawal symptoms, it is a highly effective drug for treating addiction to opiates and opioids.

Substance abuse is the mental health crisis of this century.

There is a greater need ever for medication-based treatment for addiction. FDA-approved buprenorphine works, and it works best combined with psychotherapy. If a patient is addicted to an opioid, such as heroin or oxycodone, they should know that Suboxone is the gold standard of treatment in combination with behavioral therapy. If a patient takes Suboxone sublingual film or tablets as prescribed by a doctor, they are clean and in recovery.

There are barriers to prescribing Suboxone by telemedicine.

Unfortunately, online pharmacies in the past have made a bad name for internet-based health care. Because of this, states have strict laws regarding the limits of telehealth. Because of this, there are some limits to providing telemedicine online Suboxone care.

Additionally, doctors must be careful in treating patients to prevent diversion and regularly monitor patients to ensure that they are staying clean from drugs. Despite these limitations, Suboxone treatment online is possible and is already being done in many areas. I am confident that lawmakers will continue to work on reducing existing barriers. Doctors and experts in the tech industry will also do their part to improve systems to provide quality telemedicine medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone.

How do I get my prescription from an online Suboxone doctor?

When a doctor prescribes Suboxone treatment in-person in an office-based medication-assisted treatment program, the patient gets a paper prescription to bring to the pharmacy. How is this done with regards to telehealth services?

The doctor e-prescribes the medication, transmitting it straight to the pharmacy. For patients who are unable to travel to the pharmacy, some pharmacies are willing to deliver medicines directly to the patient’s door.

And, there are specialized compounding pharmacies that can create customized buprenorphine products individually adjusted to help the patient gradually taper their dosage down over time.

The future of substance abuse treatment is here today.

Online Suboxone treatment via telemedicine technology is already here. Now, it is just a matter of making it more available in more areas. If we educate treatment providers and patients on the benefits of telehealth, we can work towards a future where Suboxone treatment with telemedicine is commonplace. By improving access using telecommunication systems, we will see dramatic improvements overall in public health.

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