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Hoke Kimball, Author of Transitions: Collected Poems About Addiction

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Hoke Kimball is an author, poet, stone sculptor and a recovering alcoholic. He is the author of Transitions: Collected Poems about Addiction. He has been sober for nearly thirty years. He is proof that it is not only possible to get clean from drugs and sober from alcohol, it is also possible to live a fulfilling life, expressing yourself through art and helping others through service.

The book contains poems about Hoke’s emotional and physical dependence on alcohol and how it affected the way he thought and felt about himself. They reflect the feelings he experienced through times of struggle and times of triumph, chronicling his journey of recovery, sobriety and learning to live a more positive and productive way of life.

Hoke has written Transitions with the hope that these poems will help others discover that it is possible to seek help and it is possible to recover and live a changed life.

Visit Hoke’s Facebook page where you can see photos of his incredible stone sculptures here.

You can buy Transitions: Collected Poems about Addiction  here.

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