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Jodi Aman: Anxiety I’m So Done With You

As a psychotherapist for over 20 years, Jodi shows people how to create practical miracles even in the most difficult times. As an inspirational speaker, she teaches Generation Z, their parents, and helpers how to find their Diamond Confidence so they feel worthy, empowered, and in control.

In her online videos, she gives audiences all over the world usable tools to get clarity, push past fear, and develop their intuition. Because Jodi clawed her way out of her own emotional turmoil, she totally gets it. As a mom of teens, she double-dog gets it.

Through her TEDxWilmington talk, “Calm Anxious Kids,” and her bestselling book, You 1, Anxiety 0, Jodi is changing the way we understand the current mental health crisis. She generates her own daily happiness through mindfulness, family time, and walking in the woods with her fur-baby, Winston.

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