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Dr. Eben Alexander: A Scientific And Medical View Of The Afterlife

Who is Eben Alexander?

Eben Alexander is a medical doctor and a neurosurgeon. During his career as a neurosurgeon, Dr. Alexander performed thousands of brain surgery procedures. He also worked and taught at Harvard Medical School. Born in North Carolina, Eben Alexander III spent the first part of his life working as a talented and highly respected scientist and surgeon who thought he had a solid understanding of the nature of human consciousness and the mind-body connection.

Everything changed for neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander in 2008.

Tragedy struck in 2008. Eben Alexander developed bacterial meningitis, a serious gram-negative infection of the brain. He slipped into a deep coma. The meningitis-induced damage to his brain shut down his cerebral cortex. While it should have been impossible for Dr. Alexander to experience any level of consciousness, he was, in fact, highly aware of a vivid, hyper-real afterlife which he described as being heaven. Dr. Alexander eventually made a full recovery, in spite of severe damage to his brain. He was significantly changed by his spiritual experience.

Science and proof of heaven.

After his near-death experience that occurred as a result of bacterial meningitis and coma, Dr. Eben Alexander went on to study near-death experiences as experienced by hundreds of people around the world. There were many common experiences where people described a journey to a realm beyond human experience. Dr Eben Alexander then went on to write his first book on the near-death subject titled, “Proof Of Heaven”. In this book where he described his NDE, he wrote about his life before and after the near-death event and how his view of the world changed dramatically. With this book, he became a New York Times best-selling author. “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife” remained a bestseller for many weeks.

From neurosurgeon to NDE expert and author.

Eben Alexander MD has written several books on the subject of NDE and afterlife. His most recent book, “Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness”, was co-authored with his life-partner, Karen Newell, founder and CEO of Sacred Acoustics. Sacred Acoustics is a company that produces audio recordings that help listeners reach various states of consciousness with techniques such as binaural and isochronic beats. In the many years since emerging from a coma with proof of a realm that he believed to be heaven, Eben Alexander has used Sacred Acoustics recordings to help him to return to an all-loving state of consciousness that brings him back to the experience of his near-death experience journey.

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