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How Can Executive Coaches Near Me Help With My Addiction And My Business?

Can A Leadership Coach Help in Overcoming Addiction?

When it comes to addiction treatment, we think of counselors, therapists, and group facilitators. Executive leadership coaching is rarely associated with rehab or addiction recovery.

Yet, there are a surprising number of people entering early recovery from addiction who would benefit greatly from an executive life coach to provide quality executive mentoring.

Many of the patients I have worked with over the years have been either planning to start a business, in the process of starting one, or they are successful entrepreneurs who have started multiple businesses.

You may wonder how this fits in with drug addiction. Our perception of someone addicted to drugs is not always in line with reality with respect to many addicted people.

Why is it so difficult for successful people to overcome addiction?

There are some interesting characteristics common to successful entrepreneurs and many people who are at high risk for developing an addiction. For example, someone who is willing to take significant risk would fit into both categories. A person who is intelligent, creative, and highly motivated would similarly fit in.

Another common trait is someone who is a good problem solver. Imagine the problems involved in getting a business off the ground and the problems involved in obtaining illicit drugs. Surprisingly, these tasks are not so different.

Of course, this does not mean that everyone with a drug addiction would benefit from executive coaching and leadership development. However, if you are faced with an addiction challenge, and you can relate to what I have said here so far, you know that it is true. Addiction can be a powerful trap for people who have the greatest potential for success.

So, what does a concierge physician with a medical practice focused on addiction treatment know about providing leadership coaching services or executive business coaching? That is an excellent question!

How did an addiction doctor get into the business of business and executive coaching?

Several years ago, I made the decision to transform my practice and concentrate on addiction treatment. I had worked with some patients with addiction issues previously, and I found it to be very rewarding. Seeing patients go from a state of hopelessness to a full recovery of functioning motivated me to make the change.

Yet, making this significant change to my practice was like starting a new business from scratch. To make it even more difficult, I was starting a new medical practice with essentially no patients in the South Florida area. Initiating a new medical practice, rather than buying an existing one or joining a group, is considered to be nearly impossible in South Florida.

As it turns out, I was able to achieve the impossible by building a digital information platform. Rather than focus only on the selfish needs of my business and income, I built the platform with the goal of helping as many people as possible. I did this by providing important information to help people to make decisions and take the next step in getting addiction treatment help.

A digital platform built to help all people led naturally to a successful local concierge addiction treatment program.

In the early phases of development, I often turned to executive coaching websites for support and guidance. I was able to find an executive coach to not only provide motivation and guidance in workflow and time management, but also specific help with the details of building my platform.

Of the many people who found my platform of digital articles to be useful, some of them were in my local area and decided they wanted to work with me as their doctor. In addition to providing medical treatment of addiction, I also found myself providing mindful leadership coaching and acting as an executive career coach as well as an executive performance coach.

I did not consciously make the decision to get involved with providing business and executive coaching. Since many of my patients have such great potential for success and I had the experience in building a nationally recognized SEO focused content marketing platform, it was a natural fit.

My addiction treatment podcast episodes have often focused on the benefits of business leadership coaching with respect to addiction recovery.

In addition to my multi-site web platform, I also produce a top-rated podcast, one of the few physician-hosted podcasts focused on the medical treatment of addiction, primarily opioid and alcohol addiction. While many of my podcast guests are top experts in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, I have also interviewed several executive coaching consultants, including one guest whom I consider to be one of the best executive coaches in the world.

To address the question asked at the beginning of this article, can executive coaching services help a person to overcome addiction, the answer is yes, it can. While an addiction treatment program must include the basics, such as medication management and therapy, focusing on business management can also be helpful as a part of recovery.

Learn more about how executive coaching and mentoring can help you as a part of your recovery program.

When professional coaching services are a part of the recovery process, the patient or client can focus on taking steps towards achieving their life goals. After getting past active addiction, as the brain begins to heal, you become aware that anything is possible, as long as you stick to your recovery program.

Working towards building a career or corporation is a rewarding process that can help to give a life purpose and meaning. The thoughts of drug use move further away into the background as they get replaced by the exhilaration of accomplishment.

If you are interested in executive coaching and mentoring as a part of your addiction recovery plan, please contact me to discuss further how executive and leadership coaching can benefit you in your quest to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Now is the time to get started with an effective plan of giving up the addiction and getting back on track to achieve your life goals and live the life of your dreams.

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