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Addicted To Rehab: Overcoming The Florida Shuffle

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Michael A. gives an incredible account of going through 28 rehab programs in South Florida in a six year period. The ineffective system, which values a good medical insurance card over a patient’s wellbeing, could not help him to get clean. Finally, Michael found a program that worked for him. He discovered that he needed a lot more than a short term program that just meets the minimum requirements to operate. He found a place in California that had a better program. Five months of treatment, intense physical activity, team building, multiple forms of therapy are major components of this effective treatment program. You can learn more about the program and Michael’s story in his excellent article on the Recovering Addict Advice website: While the program he describes is one location that only serves men, I hope that this philosophy of truly helping people to overcome addiction will spread to more addiction treatment programs.

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