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Snorting Sugar: Why would anyone want to do this?
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Is this a new trend? What does it mean?

Have you ever heard of anyone snorting sugar? While this may seem strange, you have likely heard of people snorting drugs. Heroin and cocaine are two street drugs that people snort. Since these drugs get people high, you can understand why they snort them. So, why would anyone think about snorting sugar?

Snorting sugar is a bad idea.

First, if you snort sugar into your nose, it is going to hurt. In fact, your nose is going to really burn. You may even get sick from it. Hence, I recommend that you do not ever snort sugar. This article, here, describes the serious dangers of snorting sugar and candy.

Pretending to snort sugar is also a bad idea.

Some people think it is funny to make a line of sugar on a table in front of a struggling, recovering drug addict. If you ever do this, you show a complete lack of empathy and understanding. By making a show of pretending that you might snort sugar, you make the suffering observer have cravings. Therefore, you could even trigger a deadly relapse. Please, never pretend that you are going to snort sugar. Please, show some compassion for your loved ones and fellow human beings who are trying to get clean.

Snorting anything is a bad idea.

While we are discussing snorting sugar, I should mention that snorting real drugs is a really, really bad idea. Using cocaine will lead to a life of degradation and suffering. Snorting it will damage your upper respiratory system. In fact, cocaine does kill people. While cocaine does kill, heroin kills many more people. Especially the heroin on the streets today, it is incredibly deadly.

Snorting heroin kills.

While some heroin users think they are playing it safe by snorting rather than injecting, they should be educated about this. Snorting heroin does kill. In fact, it can kill just as easily as injecting. If you are snorting heroin, you can easily die from an overdose.

Get help, please.

If you are using heroin or any other drug, please get help to overcome addiction. Please, contact an addiction treatment program and find out about available programs to help you to get clean.

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  1. No lie, I’ve snorted that blue powder from the Fun Dip packets, take my word, this shit will give you the craziest caffeine-like buzz you’ll ever feel. Some next level stuff. Yes it burns for like 40 seconds, but it’s a full send.

    1. All I needed to hear!

  2. Well shut I just snorted suger

  3. Just snorted a narrly line of low cal sugar And im not gonna lie I’ve never felt better. Say yes to drugs and no to hugs 😉

  4. I just snorted it and now my nose can’t stop running

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