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Snorting Sugar: Why would anyone want to do this?

Is this a new trend? What does it mean?

Have you ever heard of anyone snorting sugar? While this may seem strange, you have likely heard of people snorting drugs. Heroin and cocaine are two street drugs that people snort. Since these drugs get people high, you can understand why they snort them. So, why would anyone think about snorting sugar?

Snorting sugar is a bad idea.

First, if you snort sugar into your nose, it is going to hurt. In fact, your nose is going to really burn. You may even get sick from it. Hence, I recommend that you do not ever snort sugar. This article, here, describes the serious dangers of snorting sugar and candy. Is it safe to snort sugar? Never.

Pretending to snort sugar is also a bad idea. What happens when you snort sugar?

Some people think it is funny to make a line of sugar on a table in front of a struggling, recovering drug addict. If you ever do this, you show a complete lack of empathy and understanding. By making a show of pretending that you might snort sugar, you make the suffering observer have cravings. Therefore, you could even trigger a deadly relapse. Please, never pretend that you are going to snort sugar. Please, show some compassion for your loved ones and fellow human beings who are trying to get clean.

Snorting anything is a bad idea. When you snort something, where does it go?

What does snorting mean? It means to inhale something into your nose, also called insufflation. While we are discussing snorting sugar, I should mention that snorting real drugs is a really, really bad idea. Using cocaine will lead to a life of degradation and suffering. Snorting it will damage your upper respiratory system, particularly your nasal passages and sinuses. In fact, cocaine does kill people. While cocaine does kill, heroin kills many more people. Especially the heroin on the streets today, it is incredibly deadly. So, I strongly recommend that you never consider snorting sugar, sniffing sugar, snorting powdered sugar, or snorting baby powder. These are all dangerous and potentially deadly activities.

Snorting heroin kills.

While some heroin users think they are playing it safe by snorting rather than injecting, they should be educated about this. Snorting heroin does kill. In fact, it can kill just as easily as injecting. If you are snorting heroin, you can easily die from an overdose.

Get help, please.

If you are using heroin or any other drug, please get help to overcome addiction. Please, contact an addiction treatment program and find out about available programs to help you to get clean.

What about sugar addiction? Is this a real problem? Can you get high off sugar?

For people who struggle with weight loss and suffer from binge eating issues, sugar addiction and carbohydrate addiction are certainly real issues. There is science behind this topic and studies that have demonstrated spikes in blood sugar and insulin to be associated with dopamine release in the brain as well as endorphins stimulating opioid receptors. Sugar addiction is, in reality, not so different from opioid addiction or any other kind of addiction.

Are sugar addiction and drug addiction brain diseases with actual brain damage?

This is controversial. While many addiction specialists point to chronic micro-changes and chemical changes in the brain as a result of chronic addiction, psychologists and psychiatrists have argued that these changes do not make addiction a physical brain disorder in humans. There is a school of thought that addiction is purely a psychological issue of dealing with issues of helplessness that can be traced back to childhood. Perhaps we need to listen to both sides and integrate the medical treatment of addiction with psychological treatment.

Can switching to a low-calorie diet sweetener or artificial sweetener make a difference?

While watching calorie intake is a good idea when it comes to avoiding weight gain, the issues involved in sugar addiction and binge eating may go beyond being fixed by simply replacing sugar with another sweetener to avoid sugar cravings. However, since sugary foods can certainly stimulate the sugar-addicted person to start to overeat, using alternatives to sweet foods may be a good idea.

Is powdered sugar bad for you as well?

Keep in mind that powdered sugar is simply sugar in another form and has no dietary benefits. Sugar is sugar. If you have a sugar addiction, it should be avoided whenever possible.

Can you get high off sugar?

While there is a burst of energy associated with consuming excess sugar, for most people, it would probably not be described as a high in any sense. However, for people who have a sugar addiction, they may feel a sense of elevated mood when consuming excess carbohydrates and other pleasurable foods.

Is there an effective medication to help people with sugar addiction and food addiction to avoid having cravings for sugar?

In fact, there is a medication that may be effective in not only opioid and alcohol addiction treatment, it may also be useful to treat sugar addiction and other addictions, such as cocaine and methamphetamine. This drug is naltrexone. It can be used to block behavioral conditioning that is mediated by endorphins stimulating opioid receptors. If you are a sugar addict, naltrexone may be effective for you to prevent binge eating. In fact, there is a prescription drug, Contrave, which is approved to treat obesity and it contains naltrexone!

How much sugar is too much sugar?

If you are trying to detox off of sugar, probably any amount of refined sugar is too much. It is not really a product that you need in your diet. In fact, one day we may find that sugar is as bad as tobacco and nicotine in some ways. When you detox from sugar, you will crave it. It is very similar to going through drug detox. The best thing to do is stick with it. Don’t give up. You will be happy when you have sugar out of your system.

Is it better to go low-carb?

Avoiding sugary foods does not mean that you have to go on a low-carb, ketogenic diet, like the Atkin’s diet. You can choose to eat healthier carbohydrates in your diet. These include fruits and vegetables as well as legumes. Choosing these healthier foods can help you to kick your refined carb habit.

Food, Drugs, and Addiction.

Addiction is a problem that can involve many different types of behavior. While addiction to drugs and alcohol can have the worst and most immediate consequences, addiction to other things, such as food and gambling, can have tragic outcomes as well. As discussed at the beginning of this article, avoiding dangerous habits, such as snorting anything is important. Yet, we must also look at the root cause of these behaviors and address the underlying issues of addiction. 

How are withdrawal symptoms from sugar compared to heroin?

When a person quits heroin or any similar opioid, the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. There are both psychological and physical symptoms. The opioid withdrawal syndrome is nearly intolerable for most people and often leads them back to relapse and continued opioid use. The withdrawal symptoms of quitting sugar are not nearly so drastic. Yet, there are still physical and psychological symptoms associated with stopping the intake of refined carbs. If you quit sugar, you may become irritable, anxious, depressed, and have trouble sleeping. However, a sugar detox can be done safely at home and is not even close in severity to withdrawal from opioids.

self-medicate with a sweet tooth.

Are you eating too much sugary food to treat mental illness? It is well known that chocolate can be used to mildly ease depressive symptoms. Do people with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues overeat to self-medicate? It is true that addiction to a behavior or substance is an attempt to self-medicate and self-treat a problem that will be better addressed with professional medical and psychological treatment. Before trying fad diets, consider seeing a doctor with experience in treating addiction.

Please avoid addiction shaming.

As noted earlier, I mentioned that it is not nice to pretend to be about to snort sugar in front of a person who has struggled with addiction to drugs where they may have snorted drugs in the past. Many drugs come as a white or off-white powder. This includes heroin, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, and others. When you pour out a pack of sugar or other sweetener onto a table or smooth surface and line it up to look like drugs, you are interfering with that person’s recovery. If your actions lead to cravings and relapse in a person who is fragile and in early recovery, you are going to feel bad about the consequences that you may have played a part in. It is far better to support people who struggle with addiction rather than causing problems for them.

Harm reduction is a better way to help.

Tough love is not the way to go. By shaming people who struggle with addiction, we may think we are helping. If we make them feel bad, maybe they will try harder to get past bad behavior? This is a tragic misunderstanding of addiction. The best way to help is to provide harm reduction. In the case of opioid abuse, this can include having Narcan, or naloxone, the emergency opioid overdose reversal rescue drug, on hand. It can also mean communities having supervised consumptions sites and clean needle exchange programs available. Forming bonds of support with people who suffer and being available for them when they are ready to get help is of the utmost importance. When it comes to helping people to overcome all kinds of addiction, we can do much better.

Peer support and spiritual practices can also help.

In addition to medical, psychological, and harm reduction support, we must not forget about the widespread availability of support groups such as 12-step programs and others. There are programs, such as Celebrate Recovery, Smart Recovery, LifeRing, and others that are there for people with all types of addiction. Then, there are programs that focus on one specific form of addiction involving a particular behavior or drug. These include Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and many others.

Rehab is also an option.

If you are going through a difficult time with fighting addiction and you do not have the support you need in your environment, it may help to go away to a rehab program that will provide a 24/7 environment of support and treatment of your addiction. A rehab can also include a detox program in the beginning to help you get through the difficult process of getting off of the drug you may be taking. This is especially important for opioid and alcohol addiction. It is important for benzodiazepine addiction as well since the detox can be deadly without medical support. This is also true for alcohol detox. If you are stopping alcohol suddenly, you should do so under medical supervision. The Sinclair Method (TSM) is an alternative to rehab for people struggling with alcohol use disorder. TSM involves the use of naltrexone, which as we discussed earlier, may be useful for many types of addiction, including binge eating and food addiction.

Snorting vs Injecting drugs.

While, for the most part, no one is shooting up or snorting sugar or any other food, this is a significant issue with certain drugs, especially heroin. Heroin is a potent opioid that is four times the potency of morphine. These days, heroin is often tainted with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is 80 to 100 times the potency of morphine. This heroin/fentanyl mix is typically either snorted or injected. Snorting heroin is often thought to be safer than injecting it. This is how many people get involved with heroin to begin with. It should be noted that heroin, especially when it is off the streets and combined with fentanyl, is highly dangerous, even when it is snorted. There is no safe way to use this deadly street drug. Injecting heroin carries the additional dangers of spreading infectious diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis, as well as putting users at high risk of overdose. This is why safe consumption sites are so important, to help minimize these issues as much as possible. 

In conclusion.

Thank you for reading this article that has covered a variety of topics on the subject of addiction and dangerous behaviors associated with several aspects of addictive behavior. Whether you or a loved one has an issue with drug addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction or any other type of addiction, the best step to take first is to see a doctor who has experience in treating addiction and helping patients to overcome their addictions.

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