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Nyxoid VS Narcan: Which Opioid Overdose Reversal Nasal Spray Is Best?

When it comes to harm reduction for opioid addiction, naloxone nasal spray is of the utmost importance. When it comes to photography, there is a saying that the best camera in the world is the one that you have with you when you need to take a picture. The same thinking goes for opioid overdose rescue.

There are better ways to treat an overdose than Narcan (naloxone) nasal spray. For example, ER doctors can carefully administer naloxone by IV drip. This allows for the patient to be treated for the overdose, restoring normal breathing without causing the distress of precipitated withdrawal that can occur with emergency naloxone dosing with the nasal spray. However, the best form of naloxone is what is available at the time and place of an overdose.

It is recommended that anyone who takes opioids, whether prescribed or abused, have naloxone on hand. In fact, anyone who routinely comes in contact with any person who takes opioids should have naloxone available. It wouldn’t hurt for everyone to carry it. Just like hand sanitizer, it has become a necessity. Opioid use is epidemic and we have a crisis involving Chinese fentanyl contaminating street opioids, including heroin and oxycodone and possibly others.

What is Nyxoid? Nyxoid is a new brand of naloxone spray. It is produced by Mundipharma, a subsidiary of Purdue Pharma. As you may know, Purdue is currently under fire in the US for its role in promoting the sale and use of the pain killer, OxyContin. The company is owned by the Sackler family. Nyxoid nasal spray is very similar to Narcan.

The main difference between Nyxoid and Narcan is that Nyxoid is available only in countries other than the US. In many countries, Nyxoid is the first product that makes naloxone available in a nasal spray form. While it is currently much more expensive than injectable naloxone, it is an important option. Nasal spray is more convenient and easier to administer.

The next step is to make naloxone nasal spray affordable and available over the counter everywhere in the world. The easier it is for people to obtain this important life-saving drug, the more chances there will be for opioid overdoses to be reversed. This is harm reduction, which means saving more lives.

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