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Buprenorphine Doctors Near Me: How do I find a doctor to help me quit fentanyl and heroin?

Finding a doctor who can help

In the midst of an epidemic of fentanyl and heroin overdoses, you need to know how to get help. While some people may disagree, science has proven that medication assisted treatment works best. Hence, you may be asking, “How do I find buprenorphine doctors near me?”

Resources that can make a difference.

If you are looking for low cost or free programs, Needy Meds’ new database can help. You can find it here. While it does have many listings from around the US, it does not currently specify MAT. In the future, I believe that they will add it to the listings. Meanwhile, you may want to search and then call nearby programs.

Where else can I find buprenorphine doctors near me?

If you search Google, you will find various listings in your area for doctors who prescribe Suboxone, ZubSolv and other forms of buprenorphine. Additionally, you can use resources such as SAMHSA and even drug manufacture sites for local doctor listings.

Matching with Treatment.

Another excellent resource is Treatment Match. This website anonymously connects patients and doctors who are in the same local area. In fact, you can specify precise requests such as insurance or medication brands you prefer. Therefore, I believe that this may be a good place to start if you are looking for the best possible match with a doctor. Unfortunately, in underserved areas, there may not be many good matches in your area.

The future of buprenorphine treatment

Subcutaneous buprenorphine┬áis important part of the future of MAT. Instead of having to put a tablet or film under your tongue every single day, you simply get a monthly shot. While it is still very new, it is proving to have many benefits. In addition to being good for the patient, doctors also like it. They don’t have to worry about patients taking their medicine as directed. Therefore, you will likely hear more about this new treatment in the near future.

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