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What podcasts are known to feature sober talk to encourage alcoholics to stop drinking?

In the past, if you wanted to hear good sober talk, you would have gone to a local AA meeting. Now, if you are looking for an alternative place to find sobriety recovery, you may want to consider listening to the top sobriety podcasts. If you or a loved one is looking for encouragement in getting sober or staying sober, a podcast may be just the thing to give you the motivation you need.

How can I find these top sobriety podcasts?

Simply open up your favorite podcast app and go to the search feature. Now, you can type in various search words to find a podcast featuring sober talk. You may want to search for “Alcoholics Anonymous”, “Celebrate Recovery”, or “Smart Recovery” if you are looking for a podcast related to one of those programs. Or, if you just want to hear about sobriety recovery in general, search for more general terms, such as, “how to get sober” or “how to stay sober”.

If I find an episode that I like, what should I do when it is over?

While listening to various sobriety podcasts, you may come across a message that really hits home. If you strongly relate to someone’s story or something stands out as meaningful to you, let people know how you feel. You can leave a comment or review about the podcast to say a bit about how it affected you and that you recommend it to others to listen to it. Also, you may want to subscribe so you will be notified when new episodes come out.

Podcasts help to support sobriety recovery.

It was not that long ago that the newcomer in recovery who just recently quit drinking or taking drugs had to tough it out alone through the night. If you were getting clean and sober in the old days, you could go to 12-step meetings all day, call your sponsor and support network friends, and even go to dinner or coffee with them after a late night meeting. However, at some point, you would have to go home and try to get some sleep. While your sponsor may have told you to call anytime 24/7, you don’t always feel right making those phone calls just because you feel a little uncomfortable being along in the late night, unable to sleep. Fortunately, we now have an abundance of support online. Sobriety podcasts are an important link in the chain of support that is in place to keep you safe.

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