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Sober Living: A home away from home.

The benefits of staying in a sober living house.

By the time you get to sober living, most likely you have already learned something about the principles of recovery. You have glimpsed the light at the end of the tunnel. You have seen by the examples of others that there is hope and it is possible to get clean and stay clean.

Drugs and alcohol do not have to be a part of your life today.

A sober living house is a home that gives you structure. This structure helps you to make the transition to rejoining society. So, now that you have got the alcohol and the drugs out of your system, it is time to start filling your day with good productive and healthy activities. Exercise, work, education. These things and more may be a part of your new life. Making this transition and taking on the responsibilities and engaging in new activities can at times be difficult and stressful. Hence, it helps to have the support of your friends in sober living who are also progressing through recovery.

Structure provide safety.

Addiction is a difficult and dangerous disease to overcome. At this stage in your recovery you’re going to need all the help you can get. Your sober living home has rules that you will have to live by. So, you will come to appreciate these rules in that they help you to develop strong new habits and protect you from addiction and the effects it has on your own mind.

Sober living provides a safe place to recover.

A sober living house is a much safer place to live in the early months of recovery compared to just getting your own place or staying with family. You will enjoy participating in group sessions. You will learn about sponsorship. A sponsor is a friend in recovery with clean time who will help you in your recovery process.

Sober living helps to protect you from your addiction.

Regular drug testing is an important part of sober living. The purpose of the structure is not to treat you like a child. You are an adult and you deserve the respect of being a grown adult with your own life. You have accomplished things in your life. These are things for which you take pride in. Addiction is a medical condition. It is a chronic disease. Therefore, addiction is not who you are. It is in no way of moral failing.

The staff of sober living homes are not there to judge you. They are there to help keep you safe and to help you to get better.

Sober living in the early months of recovery is a part of building a strong Foundation. Hence, it is a foundation upon which you can build on in the future. You will find that sober living is just the right thing to start off a new life of joyous and free Living without the need for alcohol or drugs.