Cheat Day

Have you heard of cheat day? Have you heard of cheat day? When you hear mention of cheat day, it usually refers to the food plans of serious athletes. To the overweight dieter, the words are immediately appealing. What about recovering drug users? Is there ever a situation where a cheat day for drugs might […]


Ant McPartlin And Drug Treatment Programs

Ant McPartlin And Drug Addiction Facilities Ant McPartlin is a British television star. He is an award winning star of a popular comedy. His fans were unaware that he was suffering from drug addiction. It turns out that he has been dealing with addiction to prescription pain pills for about a year. How did this […]×346

Did Trump Cause The Opioid Crisis?

With each day we hear more stories about the consequences of opioid and opiate use. I wonder if Trump is aware of what is happening all over America.  Heroin addiction is out of control. Prescription drugs are being misused and abused. In the midst of this crisis and epidemic, you might ask yourself, “Did Trump […]


Crossing the line

In recovery, we are taught to look back and see that we were addicts from the very beginning. Often, we can find signs of our addiction going back to childhood and we may even assume that it goes back further in the family tree through our parents and even grandparents. However, in many cases, we can […]