Seth Silverton

Seth Silverton: Improving Lives by Teaching Sustainability

This episode of The Rehab with Dr. Mark Leeds features Seth Silverton, a master story teller and leader. He is the founder of Forktale, a story telling event paired with locally sourced foods based on a theme. He is also the founder of Village Roots, a charity which anonymously has provided organic foods to families […]

The New Recovery

The New Recovery: A Standard of Care In Opioid Addiction Treatment

Learning about The New Recovery Unfortunately, when it comes to treatment of opioid use disorder, treatment protocols are all over the place. And, it is not just anyone who is suggesting treatment solutions. It is time that we all understood what is meant by the new recovery. Who can you trust? If you ask your […]

Free Suboxone

Free Suboxone Treatment For Opiate and Opioid Addiction

How To Get Free Suboxone, Free Doctor Visit, Free Therapy. Free Suboxone is available everywhere if you need it. The company that makes the drug has an assistance program. Each doctor can have up to three patients on the program. In fact, here is an article about how to get free opioid addiction treatment medication. […]

safety net

There is No Safety Net

A false sense of security. One problem with 12-step group meetings is a feeling of security when you come back from a relapse. After it has happened a few times, you get used to the hugs and cheers when you pick up your white chip one more time. They tell you that there is no […]


Will The Sublocade Injection Kill Suboxone Films And Tablets?

Will there still be a choice to get Suboxone Films and Tablets after Sublocade comes out? Sublocade is a new monthly injection. It contains the medication buprenorphine. This monthly shot will be used for the treatment of opiate and opioid dependence and addiction. Another name for the medical condition is opioid use disorder. Currently, the […]

The Machine

Destroy The Drug Using Machine

Build Barriers to Using Drugs. You have built an elaborate machine to make it possible to get drugs on impulse. The connection is right there in your phone. Your hands and feet know their way around getting out of the house and into the car to meet the dealer. It is all too easy to […]


Freedom of Staying Clean

Staying Clean is Freedom If you are struggling with quitting drugs, you have become aware of how your drug use has taken your freedom. It happens it obvious ways, such as going to being arrested and going to jail for a DUI, losing a job or career or being put away in an institution for […]

Can Drug Treatment Programs Save Your Life?

You are facing a major change in your life. Right now, you have a sense of clarity. You are fighting off the need to use right now. You want to think about where you are and what is happening to you. You know you need to find one of the drug treatment programs to help […]

luxury sober living

Luxury Sober Living

Consider luxury sober living as a path to future sobriety. While many sober living houses can be found in distressed neighborhoods, there are notable exceptions. While not accessible to everyone, if you have the opportunity, you may want to consider a luxury sober living facility. What is a sober living home? Simply, a sober living […]